Even trains don’t like felons

You know, it’s not really all that hard to avoid getting run over by a train. They run on tracks, and except for a few spectacular cases of train derailment if you stay off the tracks they can’t harm you. This guy failed to heed that basic truth.
I swear to God, I am not making this up. From the Shelby Star, 2 years ago,
It’s been a theme of this blog that bad things happen most often to bad people.  Apparently that even applies to train accidents.
I just feel sorry for the poor guy who gets to wash him off the train. Yuck.


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3 responses to “Even trains don’t like felons

  1. Wash him off the train?


    Buzzards gotta eat too, you know.

  2. Since the Universe (finally) took care of him, let the Universe rain down upon the train and wash it free.

  3. TRULY karma 🙂