Why was my son killed?

I know we are supposed to feel terrible for the mothers of people murdered. Whatever happened, their mothers probably loved them. Case in point.
He was a good boy. He just hung around with the wrong people.
Judging by that record, HE was the wrong people. Three separate convictions for assault on a female, along with possession with intent to sell, possession, communicating threats, larceny and possession of stolen goods.
He was a bad person. That doesn’t justify his death, but it certainly  tempers my feelings towards his murder a bit. When you get involved in crime, death is an ordinary business hazard. It’s like rock climbing without a rope. Sure everyone feels bad if you fall, but we all know that you chose to do it.
When the gun grabbers scream bloody murder about “Gun Death™” remember that it’s murders like this that make up the majority of killings. They hope that you won’t look too deeply at who is getting killed and who is doing the killing. They are hoping that you are stupid enough to believe their implication that regular gun owners suddenly snap and start killing innocent bystanders.

Look beyond the story they tell and see the actual people involved.


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One response to “Why was my son killed?

  1. Yeah, I don’t think he falls under the “good” boy category. Again, doesn’t mean it’s ok to murder him, but it does come with the territory.