Remember, YOU are the weapon. The gun is just a tool.

Caught in a restaurant shooting with no gun? A crazed psycho shooting up the place and you don’t have so much as a pocketknife with which to defend yourself? Use what you have to get what you need. (From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Why did he do it? Aside from the fact he needed to, I mean? (Also from the PI)

And then he follows up the incredibly brave act with something we’re seeing a lot of in the true heroes we seem to be surrounded with. (From Seattle PD “Blotter” blog, linked by the PI)
What was it that made the difference? One word. Will. He had the will to win. In the South, it’s called “Oh HELL No!” He didn’t stand around wishing he had something better, he got off his ass and used the chair to effect change. He was the weapon. The chair was just a tool. He had a plan.
You have a plan, right?


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