So you want to see real gun violence?

Japete is always going one about “Advanced industrialized countries not at war” that we seem to have the worst rate of “gun deaths” of. Well one thing I know is true, we don’t have anything like the kind of violence in this country that is depicted in this movie about Brazil.

Elite Squad is a Brazilian movie about Rio de Janeiro’s elite BOPE, which appears to be a cross between a SWAT team, a military commando unit, and the most violent gang you can imagine. The movie is based upon a book written by a sociologist and two members of BOPE.
It’s not a pretty movie. You won’t come away from the movie singing the praises of Brazilian policing methods. The regular cops are all corrupt. BOPE uses a plastic bag during prisoner interrogation if simply beating the suspect up doesn’t work. The drug gangs basically rule the slums. It’s a level of horrifying that I don’t think our political enemies could possibly imagine. There is widespread and systematic screwing with the statistics so that the cops don’t have to actually solve crimes.
While watching all this, I kept thinking that japete pretends that our country has a worse “gun violence” problem because she and the other gun grabbers lump suicide in with murder, completely ignoring the fact that on a per capita basis, Brazil has more than 5 times the intentional homicide rate.
For a peek into REAL gun violence, get your hands on Elite Squad at Netflix. It’s in Portuguese, subtitled in English. It’s a great movie, and a window into a world of actual violence.


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