The Coalition to Stop Prosthetic Limb Violence statement on the recent attack in Gastonia, NC

Something must be done! A man was violently assaulted, with a weapon easily concealed even by a invalid in a wheelchair!

What’s the world coming to when a woman in a wheelchair can beat a man with impunity, using such an easily concealed weapon? Look around you. See all those people with legs and arms? Any one of them could be prosthetic. Any minute any of them could yank off that prosthetic and beat you with it!

Prosthetics are so good these days that they pass easily for real limbs. At least in the old days, people had to openly carry their prosthetics. They had big ugly hooks for hands, or were pirate style peg legs. Now we’re not condoning beating someone with a peg leg, but at least you knew that he was armed and could grab your children and get away!

These new super concealable limbs are given to anyone who is missing a limb, without any sort of background check. What’s especially dangerous is the legs. Logically, if a person attacks you with a prosthetic arm, they will only have one other arm to swing it with. If they have a leg, they have two arms to swing, making them extra deadly. Do you honestly look at another person’s leg? These super-concealable Assault Prosthetics, sold to anyone without a background check, are a positive hazard to you and your family!

We at the Coalition to Stop Prosthetic Limb Violence are working hard to bring background checks, permits, and registration to this completely unregulated hazard to you and your family. Please donate to the PayPal link above.

The CSPLV is working hard to prevent prosthetic limb violence to you and your family by advocating strong legislation against loaded, hidden assault prosthetics carried in public.

Update: on Twitter, GreenMeanie01 says we should especially ban those that have the “shoulder thing that goes up

Note: There are always some people who will land on this page without understanding that this is a gun blog. It is possible, though not likely, that they will not see the humor in this satire of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, a group of absolute loonies who pretend that violence is caused by the weapon, and not by the person using that weapon. If you are so humor impaired that you can’t see why the above satire is funny, please don’t make it worse by leaving nasty comments. You’ll just make people laugh at you. The PayPal account on the sidebar is live, but no money you give me will be used to combat “prosthetic limb violence.”


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