Gunwalker T-Shirt orders Now Open!

In honor of President Barack Obama asserting Executive Privilige over the subpoenaed Gunwalker documents, I am reopening orders for Gunwalker Tee Shirts.
Am I the only person on the planet that didn’t get guns from the ATF?
I still have a couple of pink shirts left. Get them now before they are gone. I will not be making any more. There are a couple of shirts still in stock from the last run. If you happen to order a shirt I already have, it will go out immediately. The order period will remain open for 2 weeks, and then the shirts will be printed and shipped. Expect a ship date of approximately 4th of July.

Blowout pricing!

Pink shirts ANY SIZE only $11!

VERY FEW left. Get them now while I still have some!

There are two versions of the shirt.
The regular shirt, with the printing on the front, is priced as follows.
$16 – Sizes Small, Medium, Large, and 1XL
$18 – Size 2XL
$19 – Size 3XL
The pocket Tee, with a pocket on the front and the printing on the back is
$18 – Sizes Small, Medium, Large, and 1XL
$20 – Size 2XL
$21 – Size 3XL
Shipping costs
1 shirt – $6
2 shirts- $9
3 shirts – $12
4 – 11 Shirts – $15
If you buy 12 shirts, you get FREE SHIPPING!



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2 responses to “Gunwalker T-Shirt orders Now Open!

  1. Order up!!!!! The XXL is mine MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. Thanks, Sean. Gary Griffin