Manolo gives Utilikilt wearers some advice they should heed

I’ve worn a kilt. I am a member of a historical re-enactment organization, I am half Scottish (on my mother’s side) and I’m not a bit afraid to “not-so-surreptitiously air [my] junk out in public.” However, I think Utilikilts are about as stupid as can be.
Via Insty, we find that Manolo feels the same way.
I’ve worn the military uniforms of two US services. I’ve worn reproduction medieval armor. I’ve worn every type of medieval and renaissance men’s clothing from Viking to Elizabethan. I’m planning a steampunk Pinkerton Detective outfit based upon the clothes worn by Wyatt Earp in Tombstone. So don’t tell me that I’m just too chicken to wear something “unconventional.”
Utilikilts are just silly looking. Get a real kilt, or just go home.


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10 responses to “Manolo gives Utilikilt wearers some advice they should heed

  1. I beg to differ, conditionally of course.

    I remember when those “dorks” on the golf course would likely be wearing pastel plaid preppy golf pants. Even the goofiest utilikilt is eye candy in comparison. On the right man, a utilikilt looks fine indeed.

    That said, there’s nothing like the original…

  2. I will agree that it is possible, however unlikely, to be even dorkier than a Utilikilt. Pastel Plaid golfer clothing is dorkier.

    There are other choices, and I beg everyone to avail themselves of those choices.

  3. LOL, good point Sean!

  4. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, but this lady is looking forward to when her DH’s to “utilikilts” come in! 😀

  5. Missed the buy in on the 5.11 kilt and feeling the sharp pangs of regret are we?

  6. Nope. Make mine a REAL kilt.

  7. Gateway drugs, man.

  8. Definitely with bluesun on this, though a utilikilt just works out much better at matches and such than the $500 Balmoral kilt. But maybe you just don’t have the $150 surcharge of being from a small clan to deal with.

    Besides, if you’re sexy enough, even the Utilikilt has the hawtness to it. It certainly did a good job of getting free drinks for me and my friends the other night. Hell, it’s almost paid for itself already.

  9. In India (and Bangladesh, Indonesia, Burma (Myanmar), Somalia, Pakistan Yemen, Oman, Malaysia & Singapore…) it’s worm by millions still today – they just call it a “lungi” (Bengali: লুঙ্গি). The fabric is lighter to deal with the climate.
    You can just wrap a towel around yourself and be done with it.
    Works best aesthetically if you have a bit of a tan, and not pasty while skin. Don’t worry you need the Vitamin D.

  10. Mine’s Blackwatch because MacTavish is fiendishly expensive. You?