Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: A Man Does What He Must edition

Sixteen is a bit young to have the responsibilities of manhood thrust upon you, but one young man was apparently up to the challenge. It now appears that he will survive.
The story is that two armed men broke into the his uncle’s house. They attacked his uncle and his grandmother, who was also there.
He apparently tried to protect his Gran with guts and drive. Now if only his uncle had been permitted to own something that would make a 16 year old boy and a 70 year old grandmother the fighting equal of two armed criminals in their 20’s. Something that said “Colt,” or “Smith and Wesson,” or “Mossberg” on the side.
This is the real face of gun control. It doesn’t actually control guns, and it certainly doesn’t control the sort of thugs who would beat up a 70 year old granny, a 44 year old man, and his 16 year old nephew.


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