Fifty rounds through a Ruger LCR

Now that the Citizen’s Police Academy is over, I am back to spending Tuesday evenings at the range with Knightbane, Mrs. Knightbane, and Arms are the Mark of a Free Man. We meet up at Personal Defense and Handgun Safety Center in Raleigh and shoot until 7pm when they close the range.
A couple of weeks ago, Mrs. Knightbane let me shoot her LCR. I put about 10 rounds through it, just enough to get learn how the sights on a snubbie work. Bury the front post! Last night I brought my own box of .38 SPC to the range and ran all 50 rounds through the LCR.
Typically we use the right hand range, with standard paper targets. Last night was crowded, so Knightbane and Mrs. Knightbane were sent to the left hand, open bay, range. When I finished up shooting my .45, I wandered over to see how they were doing. They were using a .22LR to shoot at the plate racks. The plates didn’t want to fall over. I had no such problem with Mrs. Knightbane’s LCR. So long as I remembered to bury the front post, the plate would disappear.
I need a lot more practice with it. I am slow, and I am getting about 4 plates for each 5 shots. I think I wouldn’t mind having my own LCR, though it did get quite hot after 50 rounds.
The good – didn’t beat up my hands. Recoil on par with my XD .45ACP
The bad – years of shooting a semi-auto make double action triggers difficult for me to deal with
The ugly – that damn front sight post. It was accurate, but I felt like I was shooting down hill.
I need to practice rapid reloads, and get some speed strips for it.


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4 responses to “Fifty rounds through a Ruger LCR

  1. Providentially a new XS tritium front sight was waiting for us in a box on the porch when we got home last night.

    I’ve pounded it in place and we’re off to PDHSC today to try it out.

    I’ve got some speedstrips too that I’ll bring along next week.

  2. Cool. Now if only the Ammo Fairy would drop some .38 Special on my doorstep between now and next Tuesday!

  3. Knitebane – You’ll like the XS Sights front sight. I put one on my LCR a couple of years ago and it makes a big difference for these old eyes.

  4. This one was for the Mrs.’ LCR. We got to PDHSC today and they had closed early so it will probably be next Tuesday before she (and I and Sean) gets to try it out.

    If I like it I’ll probably pick up one for my LCR too.