Oh, how horribly cruel!

It was his first offense! He got 162 years! He will die in prison!

I mean, it could happen to anyone, right?
So this asshole, with his buddies, robbed seven places, shot at a dog, and then shot at a human?
Fuck him. I hope he dies (of old age) in jail.
Now if we could only convince the North Carolina justice system to treat criminals the same way.
The idiot liberals piss me off. First they want to take my guns away because of crime I’m not committing, and then they are pissing and moaning that assholes like this criminal are getting serious time for serious crimes.
Is it wrong of me to hope that they get victimized by the criminals they loose upon society instead of having them prey upon decent human beings?


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One response to “Oh, how horribly cruel!

  1. “First offense?” Sounds more like his first seven offenses, to me.