An NC Gun Blog recommended vendor – Name Tags

With a blog named “An NC Gun Blog,” it only made sense to have a name tag shaped like North Carolina. I did a quick Google search for “State Name Tags” and picked a place that seemed reasonable. They made me my original name tag, with the URL. It even has a little magnet to hold it on rather than pins. I’ve had the tag for about 18 months now.

With the move to self hosting came a new URL, and thus a new name tag. I’ve been very satisfied with my old tag, and so I didn’t see any reason to change suppliers. I dug out the old email, including the invoice number, and sent them a request for a new one with the new URL but otherwise identical. I sent the email on Sunday evening. They made and after verifying my shipping address shipped the tag on Monday. It arrived in my mailbox today, less than 72 hours after I sent in the order.

So if you’re in the market for a name tag for that next blogger get together, political event or gun club meeting, I highly recommend All American Trophy of Missoula, Montana. They have standard, custom, and state name tags in many different colors.

FCC Disclaimer: I paid my own hard-earned cash for my name tag. The price was pretty low, but it was not discounted just because I’m famous on the interwebs.

One response to “An NC Gun Blog recommended vendor – Name Tags

  1. You know, I’m still waiting for my “famous on the Internets” discount, too …