Meanwhile in Rebecca Peters Paradise: Hooning and Shooting edition

After getting drunk and hooning about in a local parking lot, this guy thought that it would be a good idea to shoot a shotgun at the guy who reported him to the cops. It went poorly.

A Melbourne mechanic faces jail over an incident in which he threatened another man with a shotgun but only succeeded in shooting himself in the foot.

He violated Rule 2 AND Rule 3, managing to shoot himself in the back of his own leg with a shotgun. That takes some talent.

The drunken hoon was no stranger to legal troubles, either.

He said all of Joyce’s prior offending, which included violent offences, was always “avenging others rather than himself” out of some misguided loyalty.

With a violent criminal record, we can be sure that his shotgun was not legally owned according to Australia’s strict gun control laws.

So, if strict gun control laws on what is essentially a giant island won’t keep shotguns out of the hands of drunken fools with violent criminal backgrounds, what does it do?

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