Dianne you ignorant fool

Dianne Feinstein has managed to outdo herself.


 This is your official language warning.

Senator Feinstein, you are either you are trying to make a joke, or you are the most clueless person on the face of the fucking planet. Of course it would lead to a firefight. That’s what we want. Because the alternative to a firefight is what we had, a massacre.

The shooter, who shall remain nameless, wandered through the theater casually pumping bullets into defenseless people and you are stupid enough to think that a few bullets going the other way would be worse than an asshole shooting fish in a barrel.

You need to come back from planet dumbass and deal with reality. You can’t do what you want, which is ban citizen ownership of guns. So instead you persist in denigrating the chances of regular Americans of defending themselves.

Unfortunately for you, all that you’ve done is prove to everyone that you reside in Crazy Town. You’ve told everyone that it’s better for all concerned if they politely let themselves be murdered rather than fight back. Your idea of a civilized society is one where murderers are free to kill and citizens should mind their manners and just die already.

This is especially rich coming from a woman who hides behind armed guards every day. You don’t mind if a few people catch a bullet to protect your ignorant ass. It’s just when the peons think their lives are important enough to protect that you get angry.

Well, here’s a news flash buttercup. Here in North Carolina we already have more than one-quarter of a million citizens who have spent somewhere north of $150 to get official permission to carry a concealed handgun. Multiply that by the rest of the Shall Issue states and you have more people licensed to carry a gun than there are soldiers in the Red Chinese Army.

Every single day we are working to spread the Gospel of self-defense to the rest of our fellow citizens, to the point that last year North Carolina increased our number of Concealed Handgun Permits by over 20%. In North Carolina we managed to add something like 50,000 new permit holders to the rolls. That’s 50,000 people who plunked down cash money just to get a little wallet card from their county sheriff. We’re growing while your anti-gun, anti-freedom coalition is shrinking. There are now millions of citizens who have decided that when faced with the decision, die or fight back, they plan on fighting back.

And fight back they do. Every day there are stories of average citizens faced with criminals and crazies who pull a gun and defend themselves. No one makes a big deal about them because when a citizen defends himself we don’t have 12 dead bodies and over 50 wounded.

Don’t believe me that it’s possible?


You’re damned right we would have had a firefight.

6 responses to “Dianne you ignorant fool

  1. Further irony: Sen. Feinstein has a CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT, and has for years. You know, the same thing us peons aren’t to be trusted with, in her tiny little mind.

    Stop trying to reason with insane people. Reality doesn’t enter into their equation.

  2. I’ve got to rant somewhere. If I stood out on the corner and ranted, people would think I was as crazy as Dianne.

  3. “Senator Feinstein, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.”

  4. Marty Goodman

    What a Great Rant !! Can I borrow that please? Too Good.

  5. The secret to having a good, insane rant without penalty is to first become a Democrat Senator……..

  6. The tragedy is that If I were to fight back and some noncombatant were to take the tiniest of booboos to the little pinky from one of my bullets over-penetrating or missing I would be arrested, jailed and sued into the poorhouse, even if it stopped the killing.

    Something must be done.