Fineman strikes again!

I’m sure that gun owners all across the nation are quaking in their boots because Elliot Fineman has finally broken his silence on the Colorado theater shooting.

He can’t even be bothered to disengage the caps lock key.

 If you make the mistake of clicking on the link in the above tweet, you’ll be taken to NCGAV’s website where you will be exhorted to redouble your efforts at boycotting Starbucks because Starbucks won’t ban guns in their stores.

You remember the Starbucks Boycott? Yeah, me neither.

Here’s the problem. The Colorado theater where the shooting happened was exactly the sort of Gun Free Zone™ that Fineman wants. No guns unless you are a law enforcement officer. No concealed carry, no open carry, and presumably, no dressing up in riot gear and murdering the audience during the show. Somehow the killer missed that last rule.

Elliot Fineman demands that Starbucks follow the exact same policy that the Cinemark USA theater in Aurora followed. Fineman demands that companies enforce helplessness on their patrons. We see what that got us.

Fineman is basically the crazy uncle in the attic of gun control. If you have the time, watch this video of David Burnett taking on two anti-concealed carry people including Fineman.

Listen to Fineman’s statements. They don’t even seem to track. Are we witnessing the mental breakdown of an old man? There’s an old joke. What’s the difference between “eccentric” and “crazy?” The answer: One Million Dollars.

I think Fineman just has money.

4 responses to “Fineman strikes again!

  1. This is the same guy who’s claimed that mass murder like we just saw in CO and jaywalking are morally equivalent. That’s his justification for claiming there’s no such thing as a ‘law abiding citizen’ and we should all be disarmed.

  2. Maybe I missed it somewhere, but why are they so concerned about Starbucks? Did they consider it their ‘territory’ or something? They’re hardly the only business that lets people carry.

  3. Got me. I think it’s the old “dog with a bone” thing. No one wants the raggedy old bone, but that dog is going to snarl and growl if you get close to it.

  4. Apart from gas stations, Starbucks is the only place that I buy coffee.