Michelle Dockery Monday: Season 3 preview

Season Three of Downton Abbey is set to air in September in the UK and in January here on PBS.

PBS has dropped some hints about what’s going to happen

The aristocratic Crawley family endures a financial crisis. And, despite the engagement of Matthew and Mary at the end of last season, all is not well — gasp! — with the pair played by Dan Stevens and Michelle Dockery.

but to he honest, it doesn’t seem all that unpredictable. Of course there will be problems with Matthew and Mary. The whole show is built around three things.

  1. The cast-iron decency of Count Grantham
  2. The crazy antics of the Dowager Countess
  3. Problems between Mary and Matthew.

Here’s my problem. My biggest problem is that Michelle Dockery’s publicist sucks. I don’t like to violate people’s photo copyright. I’m only using this photo because it was “released by PBS” presumably for publicity purposes, and is therefore fair game.

Michelle, if you ever Google yourself and find yourself here, smack your publicist about the head and shoulders. Then explain to him or her that they need to be sending me photos of you that I can publish without violating anyone’s copyright. It’s “Michelle Dockery Monday” and I would appreciate if I could get enough photos to post this feature EVERY Monday, not just once in a blue moon.

It’s tough being a fan who has scruples.

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