Meanwhile in Wendy Cukier Paradise: Shooting at a BBQ edition

I hadn’t realized that Canadians had BBQ. I would have thought that they would shun it as American or something.

Two people were killed and several others, including an infant, were injured in a shooting in Toronto late on Monday, Canadian police say.

“2 ppl killed in gunfire that broke out during party,” police said in a Twitter message. “Deceased are a male and a female,” said a second message by Police Chief Bill Blair.

He described the incident as “the worst incident of gun violence” in the city’s history. “A lot of innocent people were injured tonight.”

This wasn’t a one way shooting, this was two people shooting at each other. It’s hard to credit. Handguns are banned in Canada except for competition shooters and the like. Yet here we have not one but two people with handguns, and they are shooting at each other.

Makes you wonder if gun control works at all.

2 responses to “Meanwhile in Wendy Cukier Paradise: Shooting at a BBQ edition

  1. Probably not real BBQ as southerners understand it, i.e., meat cooked low-n-slow over hardwood. More likely it’s what Yankees refer to as BBQ: any meat cooked on a charcoal grill, e.g., brats, steaks, burgers.

  2. Yes, we have BBQ. Overcooking or burning meat over a fire is a global practice, not just American. LOL As a matter of fact, barbecue wasn’t invented in the USA, the term is derived from the word barbacoa, used by Caribbean folk to describe slow-smoking meat over a fire. As for the shooting, it may have had gang connotations.