Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: Picked the Wrong Victims edition

I’ve said for a while now that you can judge the true effectiveness of gun control by the actions of the people on the wrong side of the gun.

A man and woman who used an imitation gun to rob 12 people late at night in an Edinburgh park were arrested after one of their victims fought back, a court has heard.

Megan Preston, 24, and Steven McGregor, 25, targeted people walking through the Meadows.

But one of their intended victims managed to wrestle the gun from them before calling the police.

 They successfully robbed two groups of people before getting their gun taken away by a member of the third.

The first two groups handed over their property without arguing because they knew it was all too likely that the gun was real. They knew it could be real because they aren’t stupid. They know that gun control is a failure, and they know that trusting that gun control works would get them killed.

One response to “Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: Picked the Wrong Victims edition

  1. And I’m sure the person that wrestled the gun away is facing charges for protecting themselves. Just S.O.P. in The U.K.