Meanwhile in Rebecca Peters Paradise: Three Armed Robberies, One with a Gun edition

The gun grabbers are always on about “gun violence.” That pretty much tells you that they don’t really mind if you end up stabbed so long as no one uses a gun.

There were four armed robberies in Brisbane in one night. Three with knives and this one.

Police are also looking for a man and woman who walked into a bottle shop with a gun on Craigan Street at Strathpine about 7pm last night demanding cash.

One of the two staff members in the store filled a bag with money from the cash register and the pair fled, also taking alcohol as they ran.

 Luckily for the knife wielding robbers in the first two incidents, Australia doesn’t allow anyone to have a gun for self-defense. That means the robbers are pretty safe while they ply their trade.

Strange how the government makes use that the robbers don’t have a hostile work environment. It’s almost like they are allies.

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