And they wonder why we think they are humorless prigs

Leftists are apparently unable to deal with humor.

In keeping with the theme in today’s Weekly Briefing and the call therein for less know-it-all commentary, this post will not pontificate at any length about how offensive and troubling the “Random Thought” published today in the “Education Update” newsletter of the John Locke Foundation was. We all make dumb mistakes and have told “jokes” we’d like to have back.

 So what is the “NOT funny” joke that they are so worked up about?

Random Thought

The most “American” Olympic sport is Modern Pentathlon. I mean, it sounds like your average summer day in Detroit – swimming, running, riding, shooting pistols, and trying to stab a complete stranger with a sharp object.

So what part are the Lefties objecting to? I can see their point about the horseback riding. There’s not much of that in an average summer day in Detroit. Were they upset that Baltimore, Philly, Newark, New Orleans, and our beloved President’s own Chicago weren’t part of the joke?

3 responses to “And they wonder why we think they are humorless prigs

  1. If it was good enough for Patton, it’s good enough for me!

  2. I left then a comment telling them that I thought it was funny. These leftist asshats need to lighten up. They always look constipated to me. Maybe a high fiber diet would help.

  3. They deleted both of our comments. Wimps.