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Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: Picked the Wrong Victims edition

I’ve said for a while now that you can judge the true effectiveness of gun control by the actions of the people on the wrong side of the gun.

A man and woman who used an imitation gun to rob 12 people late at night in an Edinburgh park were arrested after one of their victims fought back, a court has heard.

Megan Preston, 24, and Steven McGregor, 25, targeted people walking through the Meadows.

But one of their intended victims managed to wrestle the gun from them before calling the police.

 They successfully robbed two groups of people before getting their gun taken away by a member of the third.

The first two groups handed over their property without arguing because they knew it was all too likely that the gun was real. They knew it could be real because they aren’t stupid. They know that gun control is a failure, and they know that trusting that gun control works would get them killed.

The Obama Walk Back begins on the Obama Gun Ban

This is what happens when you are terminally clueless about the world you are trying to govern. We’ve seen it time and time again. Obama says something stupid, arrogant, and inflammatory. Then his people try to walk it back.

Yesterday Obama basically told the Urban League that he wants to ban semi-auto rifles. Today his spokesman tried to walk that back.

Days after the mass shootings in Colorado, White House spokesman Jay Carney said Obama still supports a ban on the sale of assault weapons, a restriction that expired in 2004. But he added: “There are things we can do short of legislation and short of gun laws that can reduce violence in our society.”

Carney’s comments came the day after Obama, in a speech to an African-American group Wednesday in New Orleans, embraced some degree of additional restrictions on guns. He acknowledged that not enough had been done to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and pledged to work with lawmakers from both parties to move forward on the matter.

In leftist La-La Land that counts as a walk back. He still “supports” banning so-called “assault weapons,” but he realizes that he can’t, so he’ll continue to “work under the radar.” If you vote for this man, you are voting to ban guns. Point-blank, end of story.

I know that Mittens Romney isn’t a whole lot better, but he can be forced to comply. He needs our votes, but more importantly, he needs House and Senate seats. So that’s how we get what we want. We take over the Senate and we increase the lead in the House. And then we spend the next four years pounding on those representatives to MAKE them restore our rights.

Everyone wants a new “Reagan” who will make everything right and allow us to go back to sleep. Well it was being asleep that got us to where we are today. We are all too lazy to do the hard work of forcing our elected representatives to do what WE want instead of what THEY want. That’s all it is, laziness. Well guess what? Your savior isn’t coming to earth between now and November. And if he does, he sure as hell isn’t running for President.

Politicians are scumbags. Get it through your heads once and for all. There are no heroes, no decent fellows, no disinterested Philosopher Kings. They are lying, cheating, scum. Stop acting like people who are lying, cheating, scum will magically change into the second coming of the George Washington of your history books and Ronald Reagan of your rose-tinted memories. If you want something out of the Government, if only for the Government to leave you alone, you have to make that happen. You have to harass and annoy your Representative and Senators to MAKE them leave you alone.

Meanwhile in Rebecca Peters Paradise: Bottle Shop Bandit edition

With guns so hard to get legally in Australia you’d think they would be living in a gun free paradise.

A gun-toting bandit sporting a blonde, shoulder-length wig has robbed an east Melbourne bottle shop.

The crook entered a liquor shop in Swan Street, Richmond, with a firearm at 7.19pm yesterday and demanded cash from the lone male attendant, police said.

Apparently not.

Gun crime seems pretty popular even now, years after the draconian gun laws went into effect.

Oh Lord, Please make my enemies arrogant AND stupid (*Video*)

Obama comes out for an assault weapons ban


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 It’s a good speech. To a liberal who is ignorant about firearms it probably sounds moderate. It isn’t. “AK’s belong on battlefields and not on the streets of our cities.” He is calling for a new “Assault Weapons” ban. We don’t have full auto AKs sold to regular citizens, so he can’t claim he was talking about them. He’s flat-out saying we should ban private ownership of semi-auto box fed rifles that some people find scary looking.

This is arrogant AND stupid. He’s stupid enough that he doesn’t think we will know what he’s saying and he’s arrogant enough to believe that we’ll go along with it.

UPDATE: Now is the time to start calling your candidates, both for State and Federal office, and asking them a simple question. Do they support or oppose the Obama Assault Weapons Ban? Yes or no answers only, please.

Waaahhh! Why won’t anyone talk to us???!!!?

I had to think long and hard about linking this. I know that I’m only giving oxygen to a person no one really listens to anyway, but I’m going to link on the basis that “hippy tears are sweet.” This is not an opportunity to educate or debate this clown. Their blog doesn’t have comments. It’s being linked as a window into the sad little world of a sad little man.

It’s been five days since the horrific violence in Colorado and things don’t make any more sense today than they did last Friday morning when James Holmes walked into a packed movie theater, threw down canisters of tear gas and started shooting, killing 12 people and injuring almost 60 others.

Holmes has now made his first court appearance and details continue to emerge about his life and his apartment that he rigged with explosives. Bewildered speculation continues about a possible motive for his random killing spree.

The politicians are weighing in too, but with only a few exceptions they are not saying much of substance, other than their expressions of sympathy for the victims and their families.

Many pundits and elected officials tell us this is not the time to talk about our gun laws that allowed Holmes to legally assemble an arsenal of full body armor, 6,000 rounds of ammunition, and several weapons including a semi-automatic assault rifle equipped with a drum magazine that holds 100 bullets for firing without the need to reload.

That’s also what many of them told us in January of 2011 when Jared Loughner killed 6 people in Arizona and wounded 13 others, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Loughner had a magazine of 33 bullets attached to his semi-automatic handgun.

Some people did ask after the Arizona shooting why any citizen would need to be able to fire a handgun 33 times before putting more bullets in it.

They were shouted down by the hard line pro-gun groups, who have so managed to so twist the debate about gun laws that even the suggestion of any restriction on weapons is considered a violation of the broadly misinterpreted Second Amendment and politicians run the other way.

A few people are asking the same questions now. Why is it legal for anybody to buy magazines that enable them to shoot 100 times without stopping to reload? Not to mention the body armor that Holmes bought for his deadly spree.

One Colorado gun club leader told the Associated Press “we’re different than other cultures. We do allow Americans to possess the accoutrements that our military generally has.”

Author Craig Whitney points out in the New York Times that the websites that sell the 100-bullet drums like the one Holmes apparently used last Friday don’t mince any words.

One of them Woot!, touts the drum as “Just the ticket, should things really heat up and the lead needs to fly.” Accoutrements indeed.

Both that drum and the 33-bullet magazine that Jared Loughner used in his deadly rampage were briefly illegal in the United States until Congress declined to renew the ban on semi-automatic assault weapons that expired in 2004.

That was back when at least there was a debate, when politicians were willing to argue publicly about the need to have sensible gun laws that protect both the public and an individual’s constitutional rights.

That seems like a lot longer than eight years ago. The debate now is only what gun laws to loosen. The General Assembly voted in the last session to allow concealed weapons in parks and playgrounds. The House passed a bill to allow them in bars and restaurants.

Politicians routinely have fundraisers at gun ranges where contributors can fire the weapon of their choice and even take part in simulations much like video games where they can shoot shadowy strangers on a screen.

You’d never know it from most of the current rhetoric but we have all agreed that the Second Amendment cannot be absolute or it would be legal for your neighbor to keep a small nuclear weapon in his garage or park a tank in his driveway.

The question is where we draw the line. That’s the debate. It seems like an easy call to at least draw it to prevent anyone from buying military style body armor and magazines that hold 100 bullets or 33. Those are not guns for hunting or self-defense. They are weapons of mass destruction.

And now is the time to talk about it.

Sorry Chris, we’ve talked. You just weren’t invited. We’ve decided that your objections are irrelevant, so we’re just going to continue to restore our gun rights over those objections.

How sad he must be. After 100 years of Democrat rule, Obama’s dreadful first two years handed both houses of North Carolina’s General Assembly to the Republicans. After 40 years of hard work turning the Democrat party from a racist conservative party to a racist socialist party, it all goes up in smoke. They were so close to having everything they wanted and suddenly the voters turned against them. And they did it during the one election that would hand the Republicans free rein to undo a century’s worth of Gerrymandering in favor of the Democrats.

If you’d like to comment on gun law, their other blog has open comments. They aren’t appreciating my telling them that they’ve lost and should pack it in on the whole anti-gun thing. They linked that fantastical Think Progress “even NRA members want gun control” poll. (I should point out that these posts on two different blogs from the same “think tank” are written by two different people)

As reported by the folks at Think Progress, both groups strongly support tougher laws, including requiring people to notify police when their firearms are stolen and placing modest regulations on “concealed carry” permit holders. The findings come on top of other broader surveys that show Americans generally support tougher laws even as they support a general right to bear arms. 

 I basically said “Prove it.” If you’ve got the polls, you should have the votes, right? Whoops.

How to bust your own bogus terror plot

Via Say Uncle:

This is NOT a defensive gun use!

You know how it goes. You’re 43 times more likely to kill yourself or a family member than to kill a criminal.

We know that the Kellerman study is garbage, but it you can study it for an example of anti-gun thinking. You see immediately what they chose as their metric, actual dead bodies. That means the gun grabbers believe that unless you’ve got an actual dead criminal bleeding out on your linoleum, you don’t have a valid Defensive Gun Use (DGU). In their minds, it’s not a DGU if a person pulls a gun on a criminal and the criminal suddenly remembers a pressing engagement elsewhere.

So, in their minds, this is not a DGU

There are certain people criminals should not mess with: martial arts experts, superheroes and Ruby Hodge of Blenheim.

When two would-be burglars broke into the 89-year-old widow’s house Monday on S.C. Highway 38 just outside of Blenheim, they probably didn’t expect to find Hodge and her .38-caliber pistol waiting for them.

I want to quote the whole thing, but it makes for such entertaining reading that you should just click through and read it. Please, I’m begging you.

It has everything. Little old lady with a gun, left to her by her dead husband. Two full grown adult criminals with extensive records. Sheriffs jumping for joy. It even has the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” button.

There’s one thing that it is missing, however. No dead criminals. In fact, no dead anyone. And to the gun grabbers, this isn’t a DGU.

Meanwhile in Wendy Cukier Paradise: Shooting at a BBQ edition

I hadn’t realized that Canadians had BBQ. I would have thought that they would shun it as American or something.

Two people were killed and several others, including an infant, were injured in a shooting in Toronto late on Monday, Canadian police say.

“2 ppl killed in gunfire that broke out during party,” police said in a Twitter message. “Deceased are a male and a female,” said a second message by Police Chief Bill Blair.

He described the incident as “the worst incident of gun violence” in the city’s history. “A lot of innocent people were injured tonight.”

This wasn’t a one way shooting, this was two people shooting at each other. It’s hard to credit. Handguns are banned in Canada except for competition shooters and the like. Yet here we have not one but two people with handguns, and they are shooting at each other.

Makes you wonder if gun control works at all.

Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: Sixty Arrests edition

When guns are as illegal as drugs, guns will be as rare as illegal drugs.

Sixty arrests have been made over gun and drug-related crime in Bradford in the past two weeks.

Two sawn-off shotguns, a home-made stun gun and 94 rounds of ammunition were also seized in Operation Sabredale, said West Yorkshire Police.

Huh. Who would have guessed that in (Formerly Great) Britain there would be both drugs and guns.

I guess it’s just the law abiding that aren’t allowed to have them.

Michelle Dockery Monday: Season 3 preview

Season Three of Downton Abbey is set to air in September in the UK and in January here on PBS.

PBS has dropped some hints about what’s going to happen

The aristocratic Crawley family endures a financial crisis. And, despite the engagement of Matthew and Mary at the end of last season, all is not well — gasp! — with the pair played by Dan Stevens and Michelle Dockery.

but to he honest, it doesn’t seem all that unpredictable. Of course there will be problems with Matthew and Mary. The whole show is built around three things.

  1. The cast-iron decency of Count Grantham
  2. The crazy antics of the Dowager Countess
  3. Problems between Mary and Matthew.

Here’s my problem. My biggest problem is that Michelle Dockery’s publicist sucks. I don’t like to violate people’s photo copyright. I’m only using this photo because it was “released by PBS” presumably for publicity purposes, and is therefore fair game.

Michelle, if you ever Google yourself and find yourself here, smack your publicist about the head and shoulders. Then explain to him or her that they need to be sending me photos of you that I can publish without violating anyone’s copyright. It’s “Michelle Dockery Monday” and I would appreciate if I could get enough photos to post this feature EVERY Monday, not just once in a blue moon.

It’s tough being a fan who has scruples.