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Meanwhile in Rebecca Peters Paradise: Twenty-Five Bullets and No Answers edition

The gun grabbers love to claim that it’s easy access to guns that leads to crime. If there were tight controls, or better yet the complete elimination of firearms, gun crime would end. So how do they explain this?

A young teenager and four other people have escaped injury after about 25 bullets were fired into a house in a drive-by shooting in south-west Sydney, police say. The incident was the fourth shooting in Sydney in the past five days. (Video at link)

So, Australia, a country with strict controls on firearms, and a group of criminals shot up a house.

Pretty much puts paid to the concept of gun control solving crime, huh?

Dianne you ignorant fool

Dianne Feinstein has managed to outdo herself.


 This is your official language warning.

Senator Feinstein, you are either you are trying to make a joke, or you are the most clueless person on the face of the fucking planet. Of course it would lead to a firefight. That’s what we want. Because the alternative to a firefight is what we had, a massacre.

The shooter, who shall remain nameless, wandered through the theater casually pumping bullets into defenseless people and you are stupid enough to think that a few bullets going the other way would be worse than an asshole shooting fish in a barrel.

You need to come back from planet dumbass and deal with reality. You can’t do what you want, which is ban citizen ownership of guns. So instead you persist in denigrating the chances of regular Americans of defending themselves.

Unfortunately for you, all that you’ve done is prove to everyone that you reside in Crazy Town. You’ve told everyone that it’s better for all concerned if they politely let themselves be murdered rather than fight back. Your idea of a civilized society is one where murderers are free to kill and citizens should mind their manners and just die already.

This is especially rich coming from a woman who hides behind armed guards every day. You don’t mind if a few people catch a bullet to protect your ignorant ass. It’s just when the peons think their lives are important enough to protect that you get angry.

Well, here’s a news flash buttercup. Here in North Carolina we already have more than one-quarter of a million citizens who have spent somewhere north of $150 to get official permission to carry a concealed handgun. Multiply that by the rest of the Shall Issue states and you have more people licensed to carry a gun than there are soldiers in the Red Chinese Army.

Every single day we are working to spread the Gospel of self-defense to the rest of our fellow citizens, to the point that last year North Carolina increased our number of Concealed Handgun Permits by over 20%. In North Carolina we managed to add something like 50,000 new permit holders to the rolls. That’s 50,000 people who plunked down cash money just to get a little wallet card from their county sheriff. We’re growing while your anti-gun, anti-freedom coalition is shrinking. There are now millions of citizens who have decided that when faced with the decision, die or fight back, they plan on fighting back.

And fight back they do. Every day there are stories of average citizens faced with criminals and crazies who pull a gun and defend themselves. No one makes a big deal about them because when a citizen defends himself we don’t have 12 dead bodies and over 50 wounded.

Don’t believe me that it’s possible?


You’re damned right we would have had a firefight.

You have been trolled, you have lost, have a nice day

Satire is difficult. It’s not that it’s hard to write satire, it’s that lots of people are too stupid to get the joke. Today’s case in point

Via Instapundit:

We have four years in college. Well, most of us at least. Only four short years to attain the thing that is most essential in securing our futures.

That’s right ladies, four years to find a husband. Every true woman knows how vital it is to find the right brilliant babe to father their children and replenish their bank accounts. A Southern belle is nothing but a pretty face and pearls without a man to eat her cooking and appreciate her cleaning.

So ladies, the clock is ticking and the hunnies are being taken at an alarmingly fast pace. Our expiration dates are fast approaching. To help you find that special someone, I’ve laid out step-by-step directions for how to secure your husband and consequentially, your future.

There follows a 6 step plan leading to an MRS Degree.

I think it is funny, but apparently most people missed the joke.

In a clever piece of satire–oh wait, I mean a completely genuine and insane ”opinion” column–in the University of Georgia Red and Black, a young treasure named Amber Estes has disclosed to all of Athens (and all of the internet) the secret mating rituals of that strange pocket of upper middle-class and lower upper-class Americans known as “the Greeks.” Ms. Estes knows what all you ladies really want out of life and a college degree. Don’t pretend like it’s an education and a chance for self-discovery! What you’re really in college for, all women, is “the right brilliant babe to father their children and replenish their bank accounts.” Because, after all, “A Southern belle is nothing but a pretty face and pearls without a man to eat her cooking and appreciate her cleaning.” And hurry up! Because “Our expiration dates are fast approaching.” (!!!).

To her credit, the woman freaking out over the satire column posted an update where she’s “convinced” herself that it was really satire.

You mean it wasn’t obvious?

Fineman strikes again!

I’m sure that gun owners all across the nation are quaking in their boots because Elliot Fineman has finally broken his silence on the Colorado theater shooting.

He can’t even be bothered to disengage the caps lock key.

 If you make the mistake of clicking on the link in the above tweet, you’ll be taken to NCGAV’s website where you will be exhorted to redouble your efforts at boycotting Starbucks because Starbucks won’t ban guns in their stores.

You remember the Starbucks Boycott? Yeah, me neither.

Here’s the problem. The Colorado theater where the shooting happened was exactly the sort of Gun Free Zone™ that Fineman wants. No guns unless you are a law enforcement officer. No concealed carry, no open carry, and presumably, no dressing up in riot gear and murdering the audience during the show. Somehow the killer missed that last rule.

Elliot Fineman demands that Starbucks follow the exact same policy that the Cinemark USA theater in Aurora followed. Fineman demands that companies enforce helplessness on their patrons. We see what that got us.

Fineman is basically the crazy uncle in the attic of gun control. If you have the time, watch this video of David Burnett taking on two anti-concealed carry people including Fineman.

Listen to Fineman’s statements. They don’t even seem to track. Are we witnessing the mental breakdown of an old man? There’s an old joke. What’s the difference between “eccentric” and “crazy?” The answer: One Million Dollars.

I think Fineman just has money.

Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: Copper Shot Dead edition

In the UK, they refer to your standard beat cop as a “Police Constable,” or PC. That’s the rank you start with, and that’s the rank you keep until you specialize or you make sergeant. As you well know, the police in the UK are generally unarmed, especially when off duty. That caused a serious problem for one brave officer.

Detectives are investigating how the suspected gunman who shot dead an off-duty PC in Essex came to have an unregistered weapon and ammunition.

Ian Dibell, 41, was killed in Clacton-on-Sea on Monday after it is thought he intervened in a row in which another man was also shot.

Peter Reeve, 64, the suspected gunman, was found dead with a handgun in a churchyard at Writtle, near Chelmsford.

Translating from British English into American English, two men were fighting and the off-duty police officer intervened. At some point both the police officer and the other man were shot. The gunman ran off, later found on the grounds of a church. The police believe that the gunman shot himself.

I think it’s good that the police are asking the obvious questions like, how did this guy get a gun in a country that bans all handguns? The obvious answer is that gun bans don’t work, and even on an island any criminal who wants a gun will have one. Any person willing to shoot another person except in self-defense is unlikely to care too much about laws against having a gun.

This is the real face of gun control. The only person who had a gun was the criminal. Not the cop, not any innocent bystanders, just the criminal.

Gun control empowers criminals and makes everyone else a victim.

Meanwhile in Rebecca Peters Paradise: Hooning and Shooting edition

After getting drunk and hooning about in a local parking lot, this guy thought that it would be a good idea to shoot a shotgun at the guy who reported him to the cops. It went poorly.

A Melbourne mechanic faces jail over an incident in which he threatened another man with a shotgun but only succeeded in shooting himself in the foot.

He violated Rule 2 AND Rule 3, managing to shoot himself in the back of his own leg with a shotgun. That takes some talent.

The drunken hoon was no stranger to legal troubles, either.

He said all of Joyce’s prior offending, which included violent offences, was always “avenging others rather than himself” out of some misguided loyalty.

With a violent criminal record, we can be sure that his shotgun was not legally owned according to Australia’s strict gun control laws.

So, if strict gun control laws on what is essentially a giant island won’t keep shotguns out of the hands of drunken fools with violent criminal backgrounds, what does it do?

Concealed carry in theaters in North Carolina

I’ll bet you didn’t know that another one of the stupid concealed carry rules in North Carolina is that you can’t carry a gun in a theater. That’s right, the same law that bans guns in restaurants bans guns in any place that charges admission.

§ 14‑269.3. Carrying weapons into assemblies and establishments where alcoholic beverages are sold and consumed.

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to carry any gun, rifle, or pistol into any assembly where a fee has been charged for admission thereto, or into any establishment in which alcoholic beverages are sold and consumed. Any person violating the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

 The Charlotte Observer, never one to miss a chance to sell newspapers on another person’s tragedy no matter how far away, discusses the “heightened” security at local theaters.

AMC Theatres, which runs the Northlake theater, released a statement Friday, saying “we are actively working with local law enforcement in communities throughout the nation and under the circumstances we are reaching out to all of our theatres to review our safety and security procedures.”

Here’s the comment that I left for them.

Hey, this is North Carolina. What do we have to worry about? The North Carolina General Assembly has made it ILLEGAL to carry a gun in any place that charges admission! Theaters charge admission, so therefore it’s ILLEGAL to carry a gun there. Isn’t that awesome?

Carrying a gun in a theater is just as illegal as using a gun to murder everyone inside that theater, so we have nothing whatsoever to fear. Anyone who wants to murder people in the theater with guns will realize that guns are BANNED in theaters and won’t even try.

Great job NC General Assembly! You guys think of everything!

Sometimes I think that “civilization” is just one giant game of “Let’s Pretend.” No one seems to have any connection with reality. They all seem to follow the Tinker Bell theory of reality creation. If they wish hard enough and believe strongly enough…

I can’t find video, but when I worked at Disneyland in the late ’80s, the announcer would say

“If you wish hard enough and believe strongly enough, Tinkerbell will appear and light this evening’s Fantasy in the Sky.”

Then Tinkerbell, who was a stuntman and was standing on top of the Matterhorn, would light her lights and slide down the zipline. She’d wave, zooming down the line, and run smack into two guys holding a mattress in a tower behind Fantasyland. She was rumored to make stunt pay of $500 a slide in the late ’80s.

From then on, this phrase is what I use to make fun of those people who think the world gives a damn about their wants and desires. Only a self-centered jackass would dream that the laws of physics would bend around their will.

Is this some weird version of Martial Law?

I ran into something strange on another blog. This ordinance came close to being adopted in Alamance County two days ago. Give it a read. (Available in the unabridged PDF at the Alamance County government website.)


WHEREAS, pursuant to North Carolina General Statute Section 14-288.12 (a), as applicable to county government through North Carolina General Statute Section 153A-445 (b), Alamance County has the authority to declare a local state of emergency and enact ordinances to deal with a local state of emergency; and

WHEREAS, this Ordinance authorized by statute permits the following prohibitions and restrictions:

(1) Of movements of people in public places;

(2) Of the operation of offices, business establishments, and other places to or from which people may travel or at which they may congregate;

(3) Upon the possession, transportation, sale, purchase, and consumption of alcoholic beverages;

(4) Upon the possession, transportation, sale, purchase, storage, and use of dangerous weapons and substances, and gasoline; and

(5) Upon other activities or conditions the control of which may be reasonably necessary to maintain order and protect lives or property during the state of emergency; and

WHEREAS, the recent weather related disasters across the nation have been severe and have resulted in the interruption of fuel supplies to the area to the extent that the effect rises to that of a disaster under North Carolina General Statute Section 166A-4(1a) being an occurrence or imminent threat of widespread or severe damage, injury, or loss of life or property resulting from any natural or man-made accidental, military or paramilitary cause; and

WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Alamance County, North Carolina desires to have in place an appropriate Local Ordinance to authorize it to take emergency actions and put emergency measures in place in the event of a local disaster, as described above; and

WHEREAS, in an effort to address the emergency facing the local government, the Alamance County Board of Commissioners deems it appropriate to take these steps at the local level to provide a more secure environment for the health, safety and welfare of its people;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT AND IT IS HEREBY ORDAINED that the Alamance County Board of Commissioners enacts this Local Emergency Declaration Ordinance authorized and empowered under North Carolina general statute section 14-228.12 authorizing and allowing the Alamance County Manager to declare a local emergency as that term is defined under North Carolina General Statute Section 166A-4(1a) and appropriate proclamations to address the emergency, to place into effect any or all of the restrictions hereinafter authorized and direct County staff, by curfew or other means, to prohibit and restrict the following:

(1) the movements of people in public places;

(2) the operation of offices, business establishments, and other places to or from which people may travel or at which they may congregate;

(3) the possession, transportation, sale, purchase, and consumption of alcoholic beverages;

(4) the possession, transportation, sale, purchase, storage, and use of dangerous weapons and substances, and gasoline; and

(5) any other activities or conditions the control of which may be reasonably necessary to maintain order and protect lives or property during the state of emergency.

These further proclamations may exempt from any, or any part of such restriction, law enforcement officers, fire and EMS personnel, doctors, nurses and other classes of persons as may be essential to the preservation of public order and immediately necessary to serve the safety, health and welfare of the citizens within the Alamance County and to impose any other authorized prohibitions and restrictions appropriate at the time. The proclamation shall be in writing and shall be posted at the County offices and sent to the media which serves the affected area. The Manager may invoke the restrictions authorized by this Ordinance in separate proclamations and may amend any proclamation by means of a superseding proclamation. Any proclamation issued under this Ordinance shall expire five (5) days after its last imposition unless sooner terminated in writing. Termination of proclamations shall be posted at the County offices and sent to the media which serves the affected area.

This Ordinance is intended to supplement and confirm the powers conferred by North Carolina General Statute Section G.S. 160A-174(a) as applied to counties through North Carolina General Statute Section 153A-445, and all other general and local laws authorizing municipalities to enact ordinances for the protection of the public health and safety in times of riot or other grave civil disturbance or emergency.

Any ordinance of a type authorized by this section promulgated prior to June 19, 1969 shall, if otherwise valid, continue in full force and effect without reenactment.

Any person who violates any provision of an ordinance or a proclamation enacted or proclaimed under the authority of this section is guilty of a Class 3 misdemeanor punishable upon conviction by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500.00) or imprisonment not exceeding thirty (30) days as provided by North Carolina General Statute Section 14-4 and shall be subject to further to the provisions of North Carolina General Statute Section 153A-123.

This ____ day of _______, 20___.


By: _______________________________

Chairman, Board of Commissioners



Clerk to the Board of Commissioners

Wholly aside from the weird martial law sounding restrictions, Item 4 has been overruled by Bateman vs. Perdue.

I know what the Commissioners are thinking. They think that they should have some mechanism in place to order people about during an emergency. Have they ever considered that maybe people don’t want to be ordered about? Have they considered that restricting “the movement of people in public places” flies in the face of the First Amendment? Moreover, have they considered that applying heavy-handed restrictions might piss people off to the point they might complain with gunfire?

Here’s an idea. How about local governments try asking people to “help out” in an emergency by not hanging about on the streets getting in the way of the emergency services. How about they ask the people to “pitch in” by giving a hand to their neighbors during an emergency. That’s what most people want to do anyway. We have laws and police officers to deal with troublemakers both in normal times and during emergencies. Those laws should be the same.

Asking them to be good neighbors and good citizens makes them part of the solution. Ordering them about like so many serfs will only anger them. Public servants can’t afford to anger the people who they are supposed to be serving.

You’d think that would be obvious.

Compare and Contrast

Help me out here. What is different between these two incidents?

Aurora, CO


and Ocala, FL

I can’t tell

Who does this remind you of? A Bleg


So the blood in the Denver theater shooting hasn’t even cooled and the usual suspects are already dancing in it.

Tell me that it doesn’t remind you of this…

Remove the piano, Schroeder, and Lucy, add a shooter and some blood and you have the typical CSGV anti-gun screed.

I need some help from all you artistic types out there. Please draw me Ladd Everitt dancing like Snoopy in a pool of blood. For reference, here’s Ladd.

I call this photo “Mistress PEG and the Pony Boys” because all that’s missing is a whip in the hands of Protest Easy Gun’s Abby Spangler and the other two dweebs dressed as Pony Boys

He’s the bald douche on the right.

He needs to have the stupid scraggly goatee and be wearing a tee-shirt with the square CSGV logo on it. Maybe even a “hoodie.”

Aren’t they SO tough looking?

Can anyone help me out?  Said Joseph Campbell:

“Shakespeare said that art is a mirror held up to nature. And that’s what it is. The nature is your nature, and all of these wonderful poetic images of mythology are referring to something in you.”

Yep. Someone PLEASE hold a mirror up to the anti-gunners’ nature.