Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: Shot in the Face edition

There’s an old British saying, “In for a Penny, in for a Pound.”

If you’re going to break the law and own a gun, you might as well break it completely and go straight for the machine gun.

A sub-machine gun, shotgun and a handgun have been found by police in Liverpool.

The guns, along with 60 rounds of ammunition and 29 cartridges, were discovered on land off Commercial Road in Kirkdale on Monday evening.

Police are investigating a double shooting in the area – a 15-year-old boy and 25-year-old man were both shot in the face on Sunday morning.

Now I have no idea what they mean when they say they found 60 “rounds” and 29 “cartridges.” Cartridge is the complete round including bullet, casing, primer, and powder. “Round” is a generic term meaning basically the same thing. Maybe they meant to say 60 live rounds and 29 spent shell casings.

No matter what they meant, two people got shot in the face with in allegedly gun free England.

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