Heavily armed Alabama mom invites intruder to lie down for a bit (*Video*)

Intruder breaks in, mom calls cops, grabs gun, runs upstairs to daughters’ rooms and tells them to arm up.

Martha Lewis of Dora, Ala. told WVTM-TV it was about 3 a.m. Tuesday morning when she heard a loud noise, which turned out to be someone kicking in her door. Lewis said she called the police and grabbed her gun, then went to her daughters’ room and told them each to get something to defend themselves with. She said one grabbed an ax and one got a butcher knife.  

When momma’s got a gun and her two daughters can quickly lay their hands on a butcher knife and an axe, you’ve become the very definition of “failure in the victim selection process.”


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The story has a happy ending.

The man stumbled outside into the yard where police found him, WVTM reported. Police said he’s 25-year-old Michael Jacobs and was hospitalized in stable condition. 

 And the daughters didn’t even have to swing the axe.

Watch the video above to see what Mom thinks of anti-gunners.

Update: It occurs to me that there are people in the world who would call this woman and her daughters “paranoid” for having a gun, knife, and an axe close to hand in the event of a home invasion. The anti self-defense crowd would insist that she quit living in fear. They don’t care if she and her daughters were raped, robbed, and murdered. They are perfectly willing to sacrifice this family to live in a world without legally owned weapons.

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  1. So an insurrectionist woman attacked a poor Occupy Your Home activist? Shameful! 🙂
    PS: I love happy endings

  2. I will confess to feeling disappointed that the goblin lived to be taken to the hospital.

  3. Miguel: Ladd’s going to be so mad at her.

    Erin: Remember, a gun in the house is 47 times more likely to kill a family member than a drugged up jackass too stupid to leave when faced with a mom, two daughters, a gun, an axe, and a butcher knife.

    UPDATED TO ADD: For those showing up later, I’m the blog author. Erin knows what I mean about the totally busted Kellerman Study (47 times…) I was not suggesting that I believe the study. I was making the point that a valid defensive gun use does not require the criminal to end up dead.

  4. I updated the post. It occurs to me that there are people in the world who would call this woman and her daughters “paranoid” because they kept so many weapons close to hand.

  5. It’s not paranoia if there really is a jackass out there who is willing to kick in your door. I’ve been shot at while sitting outside my home by kids driving by who seemed to think it was funny. Although I gave the responding deputy a partial plate, he refused to do the minimal work and run the less than 60 combinations (which can be done in just a few minutes) to match the description of the vehicle and driver. So now I sit outside with something at hand. That’s not paranoia, but acknowledgement that there are stupid kids in the area whose prior actions require me to practice self-defense.

    And if a gun is 47 times more likely to be used in shooting a family member, well gee, I wonder if that’s mostly because idiots leave them where kids can get at them? Which merely points up the fact that gun ownership implies responsibility, and more training in use, care and storage is needed, not, as gun grabbers claim, banning possession altogether.

  6. One thing that stood out to me was that Mom was on the stairs looking down at the goblin, and he still tried to rush her.

    My cat knows to get the advantage of high ground! When the male and female are playing, she instinctively jumps on the nearest chair, or other piece of furniture to get the high ground over him.

    So this guy isn’t even as smart as a cat! To be honest, a little girl cat who has a tiny particle of brain lodged in her skull.

  7. Good for her! AND her daughters!!!

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  9. It’s not paranoid. Last summer my daughter was coming home from a date. She called me from the car in the driveway and said there was a guy and his dog in the front yard between her and the door. I went out with a bat (since I wasnt in my home) and yelled at the guy to leave. turns out he was just a drunk, but we live on a dead end street in a quiet neighborhood. the next door hag called the cops and he laughed at me. Next time I might not be so nice.

  10. If you’re afraid of guns, get yourself a wife who is not, who knows how to use oneand isn’t afraid to use it. A couple of daughters with axes and butcher knives would be good too.

  11. Jules: The crack about 47 times more likely is me making fun of the old and busted Kellerman study.


    John: I would be proud to have a wife and daughters like that.

  12. It strikes me that the intruder should be extremely thankful the daughter didn’t get to use her butcher knife…

  13. It always disturbs me that the media adds this line to the story: The [person defending themselves] will not be charged because …. Only libs and gun confiscators would even think there was a possibility of charging the person who was attacked. Oh, I get it. The media knows its audience is composed entirely of libs and gun confiscators. Duh

  14. This was is being charged with low-level crimes–burglary rather than robbery. He’ll be out in a year or two, and you gotta think that he’s going to want revenge. She’d have been better off, I fear, shooting him dead.

  15. We really are fortunate that most crooks are borderline morons. If they were clever and/or came prepared, our situation would be a lot tougher.

    OT, BTW, What is the weapon pictured at the top of the page? I like… 🙂

  16. @Skatzbert: The rifle in the header photo is an AR-15 made by my friend Bob at


    The paint scheme is something that Bob calls Carolina Multicam. He’s building my rifle with his single rail hand guard, and it will be painted the same way.

    If you want one, call Bob. Tell him that his Deputy Assistant Shop Monkey sent you.

  17. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    “I was making the point that a valid defensive gun use does not require the criminal to end up dead.”

    That’s certainly correct, but a dead crim would have been a lovely bonus!

  18. Allan R. Erickson

    This is an amazing woman. Not only was she prepared to defend herself and her daughters. She also retained her situational awareness and did not fire until she was sure of hitting her target and she restrained herself from emptying her weapon once the intruder retreated. How many times have trained officers continued firing until they were left with an empty weapon. Bravo !

  19. That “47 times” study is ridiculous. So much of a gun’s value is just knowing it might be there. In rural Indiana, our burglary and home invasion problem is nearly non-existent. Partly because we have good people, but partly because as often as not, the homeowner is armed.

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  22. It is a shame she missed the vital organs.

  23. “It always disturbs me that the media adds this line to the story: The [person defending themselves] will not be charged….” – Jim Murray

    I agree its disturbing, but I don’t think you should be upset at the media for reporting this vital fact. For in too many places, this can’t be assumed. Ohio’s so bad the burden of proving self-defense is on the shooter. The judges in my home state of Missouri have nullified our crystal clear Castle Doctrine law. The Massachusetts supreme court imposes a duty to retreat from your own dwelling on as many people as it can get away with.

    My point about is that the law is often not on your side, so all it takes to put you in a world of hurt is an abusive prosecutor … and surely we’ve noted there are all too many of those. Now, the optics of prosecuting a mother protecting her daughters is bad (although not sufficiently bad for e.g. urban parts of Massachusetts), but if you’re a white/white Hispanic male, well, you’d best be sure everything looks very good. And even then you might be out low-medium 6 figures to successfully defend yourself.

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  25. Well, color me paranoid. I have always had a short sword, stuck in it’s scabbard, directly beneath my pillow between my mattress and boxsprings where I could grab it. And I always have big dogs. Big, loyal, loud, protective speedbumps that deter most trouble from even beginning. Hubby has his .45, Kidling has baseball bat and heavy dagger. SCAdian households tend to have a lot of live steel.
    I salute This Mom and her Daughters, they defended themselves with honor.

  26. styrgwillidar

    Living in fear? Nah, when you know you can readily lay your hands on the weapons necessary to defend yourself and your loved ones there’s not much to be afraid of.

    Now, if you didn’t have them readily available– then you’d have a reason to be afraid.

    Reminds me of the trooper who pulled over an old woman. As he asked for her info she informed him she had a gun on her hip. Well, and another in her purse but she need to get into for her ID. And there was another in the glove box where she kept her registration. He asked her what she was afraid of. She said,

    Not a single thing.

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  28. Seems to me that breaking into a house in Alabama (or most any Southern state for that matter) you’d have a pretty good chance of getting shot / killed. All the scum should move to the West Coast & Northeast where they could break into any home they desired and not have to worry about the homeowner being armed.

  29. Heh, I live in central caiifornia (roger-that’s on the west coast) and have couple of “speed bumps” (dobermans), security cameras and am fully armed. They be dead scum here,

  30. I’m a little late picking up on this, but my sincere congratulations to the lady from Alabama and her two daughters. There are cases such as this printed each month in The American Rifleman. Thanks, Kent , for forwarding the report.

  31. A happy ending would have been if the perp had died. This is, at best, an ambiguous ending.

  32. dead criminals don’t call lawyers or come back for revenge.

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