Another robbery foiled by a little old lady

Out in Hendersonville, NC, an 87 year old lady persuaded two armed robbers to leave her house when they broke in at 3 AM. And by “persuaded” I mean that she showed them the handgun she was going to shoot them with if they didn’t exit the premises immediately.

The best part is what the County Sheriff said.

People have every right to defend their homes, and should do so, Henderson County Sheriff Charles S. McDonald said after an 87-year-old woman scared off would-be home invaders by brandishing a handgun.

“I can’t recommend to people what they should or should not do, but I will tell you that first-degree burglary — breaking into a house while it is occupied — is a serious crime,” McDonald said Saturday.

“Anybody that is going to do that is risking a lot, so you really have to ask yourself if you’re confronted in a situation like that what might be at stake,” he said. “My general advice is ‘aim small, miss small.’”

Aim small, miss small is something I was taught in my hunter’s safety class. The concept is, don’t shoot at the deer, shoot at the specific tuft of fur you want to hit. If you just shoot for the deer, you might miss entirely. If you shoot for the tuft of fur, you might miss that specific part, but you’ll still hit the deer.

For those who still don’t understand, the Henderson County Sheriff basically just told everyone to shoot the home invaders, hopefully to death.

Suspect 1

I don’t suspect that the Sheriff would have been too put out about having to pull a sheet over this guy’s head.

Sheriffs are elected. They serve the people who elect them, unlike big city police chiefs who serve the mayors who appoint them. You can bet that the Sheriff has the pulse of the community on this one. He’s unlikely to advise people to shoot home invaders if he was concerned that citizens would be horrified by the suggestion. If the County’s top law enforcement officer feels comfortable suggesting that the only good home invader is a dead home invader, you can bet that his constituents feel exactly the same way.

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  1. Hendersonville, NC is not the same thing as Henderson, NC, which is much further east. 🙂

  2. A friend’s father told me had a gun. I was a liberal college student at the time (much wiser than this blue collar parent). I told him “You don’t need a gun!”. He said, “Listen college boy, I have a gun under my pillow. I don’t care if someone backs a truck up and takes everything DOWNSTAIRS. But if they start up the stairs I’ll shoot them. Why? Because any burglar who risks going up the stairs isn’t the least bit worried about what they’ll do to someone who wakes up.”

    I had no comeback then and have never found anyone with a rebuttal of his logic. Pretty smart guy.

  3. Whoops. You are correct. It’s Henderson County, but the city was Hendersonville, which is south of Asheville. I mapped it up when I read the story, but still stupidly wrote Henderson.

    Good catch. I’ve changed it above.

  4. This is actually in Hendersonville, N.C., right down Highway 74 from me. And yes, a bad place to stage a home invasion.

  5. Heh. I know Charlie McDonald. Good man. Would trust him with my life. Glad he’s there.

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  7. Reminds me of the old joke about the Quaker who found a burglar in his living room at 3 a.m. one night. Hoisting his double-barrel 12-gauge at the man, he said, “Friend, I mean thee no harm, but thou art standing where I am intending to shoot.”

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  9. @Donald: Heh. . Would that all pacifists were so pragmatic.

    Let’s give that Hendersonville Sheriff a round of applause. And that Bellicose Woman a standing ovation. I hope she has many children and grandchildren that share her common sense.

    And I hope you are right about that sheriff’s constituents. The man should certainly win his next election.”Aim small, miss small” is excellent advice.

  10. Another case of someone compensating for her penis, it appears.

    Oh, wait….

  11. I was mowing my mother-in-law’s lawn and found a gallon milk jug with rocks in it. It also had a bunch of holes in it. I picked it up and was going to throw it away when my mother-in-law called from the high porch, “leave it there I use it for target practice”.

    She’s 77 and not afraid to use a gun.

  12. Aim small, miss small.

    Good advice from the film, “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson.

  13. Good for her! Only mistake she made, she should have let him HEAR the weapon before he saw it. That would have been the last thing he heard or saw.

  14. You can treat a burglar like an animal and shoo him out of your house but treating him like a human being, able to take responsibility for his actions, pretty much requires that you shoot him

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  16. Jag? I’m quoting you. Because that was pretty awesome.

  17. NEWS ITEM – “The Henderson County Commission announced today that the county elected official previously known as “Sheriff Charles S. McDonald”, will hereafter be referred to in all official documents, correspondence and memoranda as “Sheriff-For-Life Charles S. McDonald.”

    “The County Manager was quoted as saying, “Heck, that’s what everybody was calling him anyway. I don’t even know why we’d bother with an election anyway, since there could be only one possible potential vote against him: his wife, who wants him to retire so they can travel.”

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  21. I think I will get a gun and take gun safety course. This county had a sheriff that thought like that sheriff, wish we still had him. So sad this world has come to lil old lady’s having to make the decision to shoot or not to shoot.

  22. Shirley: I support your decision to arm yourself, and especially your decision to get training. There are plenty of great places to get good training who will teach you to shoot well. Don’t forget to have fun while you are doing it. The shooting sports are great fun.

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