Michelle Dockery Monday: Dockers

I’m torn about this one. You see, I hate the British class system.


 “Dockers” sounds very much like the sort of stupid upper class twit name you see when rich Brits get together in movies about the early 1900’s. I really hope that she isn’t as air headed as this interview makes her out to be.

Listen to the  interview and if you’re sharp, you’ll hear that her accent changes. You see, the “Received Pronunciation” (RP) accent that we associate with the upper class Brits isn’t Michelle’s actual accent. She’s from Essex. She said in an interview that being from Essex is roughly the equivalent of being from New Jersey.

In the interview Michelle talks about a parody of Downton done by a couple of girls and a doll house. Here is the first half of the first episode.


I love how they describe the characters, especially “strikingly beautiful, if bitchy and selfish eldest daughter” and  “irrelevant second daughter of the title character.”

You can see all the episodes here.

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