Teenager kills wife beating father

North Carolina has a law that makes it a misdemeanor to allow a minor to have access to a firearm. Luckily the law was not followed in this case.

Surry County deputies said a teenager saw (Suspect) violently assaulting his wife. The teen was the woman’s son, deputies told WXII. Neither the wife nor the son were identified by name.

The son, who was at home during the incident, tried to intervene but wasn’t successful, deputies said.

The son then shot (Suspect) once in the head after fearing (Suspect) would kill his wife, deputies said. (Suspect) died of the resulting gunshot wound, which came from a .410 shotgun, deputies said.

So this guy was married to the teen’s mother and was beating her so severely that the teen feared death or serious bodily injury to his mom. What sort of person would treat his wife this way?


The cops knew all about this thug.

Law enforcement officials have responded to 78 calls to the home in the last five years.

(Suspect) had a lengthy history of domestic abuse, deputies said.

The justice system had all the chances to correct this violent thug. Sadly, they failed and left a young man to solve the problem.

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4 responses to “Teenager kills wife beating father

  1. “North Carolina has a law that makes it a misdemeanor to allow a minor to have access to a firearm”

    That is not entirely true… NC law makes it a crime to leave a gun where a minor can get it ONLY if that minor uses it to commit a crime or harm themselves or someone else. Self defense is excepted. § 14‑315.1

  2. Thank you for pointing out that the system is what failed this violent man(of course he made the choices himself). However the justice system should have intervened much sooner and kept him from harming others.

  3. @Chris: This is a distinction without a difference.

    is the law.

    Sure, in this case, the mother can’t be charged. But had they properly followed the law, he wouldn’t have been able to get to the gun in order to use it.

    That’s the problem with “Safe Storage” laws. They mandate storage without actually increasing safety.