Special followup Meanwhile in Rebecca Peters Paradise: Miscarriage of Justice edition

Is is illegal to recommend that an Australian judge be tarred and feathered?

Please note that I’m not calling for violence to be used upon a foreign jurist, just asking if it would be illegal if I did.

I told you about this story a while back. Let’s recap what happened.

Joyce had been drinking with Dowdle at his motor repair garage in the northern suburb of Coolaroo when he decided to do burnouts in the garage’s adjacent car park on the night of October 23, 2009.

Mr Kunduraci had been out with friends at the neighbouring Hume fishing club and rang 000 to report Joyce’s hoon behaviour.

Judge Hampel said Dowdle confronted Mr Kunduraci after he had contacted police and told him: “I have a gun. I’ll shoot you.”

The judge said Dowdle then produced a knife and tried to stab Mr Kunduraci but he avoided the knife and punched Dowdle in the face.

Dowdle followed him as he made his way back to the fishing club and began threatening him with a small sledgehammer.

She went to the club’s window and told Mr Kunduraci he was “dead” and made shotgun-pumping actions, as well as forming a pistol-shape with her fingers and mouthing “boom, boom”.

When Mr Kunduraci was later leaving the club with his friends, Joyce pulled out a double-barrel 12-gauge shotgun from the boot of his car and told Mr Kunduraci, “I’ll kill you”.

But as he held the 1.2-metre gun behind his back, he accidentally fired it and the cartridge ricocheted off the ground into the back of his leg, near his ankle.

Joyce fired another shot at Mr Kunduraci’s car, with pellets spraying the front passenger headrest, windscreen and open door, but Mr Kunduraci was not harmed.

Joyce and Dowdle then drove off with their two young children in the car.

So this woman threatened a man with a knife and encouraged her husband to murder him with a shotgun, a threat that wasn’t carried out only due to bad luck on the shooter’s part.

Now the woman has had her day in court and it’s infuriating.

County Court judge Felicity Hampel today sentenced Dowdle, a mother of six, to a 12-month community corrections order and ordered her to serve 50 hours unpaid community service work. Joyce was jailed last month for at least a year.

Are you kidding me? She gets a year of probation and 50 hours community service? For trying to stab a man to death?

Judge Hampel said Dowdle had been a victim of threats, violence and unreasonable and irrational behaviour all her life and did not deserve to go to jail despite her actions on the night she threatened Mr Kunduraci reflecting no credit on her.

“You have shown remarkable resilience with what you have had to face throughout your life,” the judge told Dowdle.

“REMARKABLE RESILIENCE!?!?!?” She sounds like a violent asshole who deserves to be tossed in jail until she rots. Her husband sounds even worse.

Again, I’m not saying that this judge should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. That would be wrong.

It would, however, be understandable.

3 responses to “Special followup Meanwhile in Rebecca Peters Paradise: Miscarriage of Justice edition

  1. You have been moved to the top of the Aussie watch list because of this post. Fortunately, if you get this judge, you will only have to clean up kangaroo droppings in the park as punishment.

  2. I don’t know. People like this seem to hate dissent more than attempted murder.