Careful with that gun, your victim might take it away and shoot you

You need to be careful who you try to rob in Charlotte. He might take your gun away and shoot you.

Officers said around 11:00 Wednesday, two Hispanic men were walking through the parking lot of the complex, when a black SUV raced up beside them.

Two gunmen jumped out, and tried to rob the victims.

A struggle ensued, with all four men wrestling for control of the firearm.

Jose Alberta Amaya, the 52-year old man who was being robbed, managed to twist the weapon and shoot the assailant twice, striking him in the head and chest.

The robbery victim is walking and talking, with a hole in his hand for his trouble. The robber sustained life threatening injuries. His buddy fled, but I would bet that the CMPD will have him in custody soon.

This is how all robberies should be punished. If you try to rob someone, you should get shot. Now all we have to do is get a gun for the would be victim. He shouldn’t be reduced to trying to borrow his attacker’s gun.

3 responses to “Careful with that gun, your victim might take it away and shoot you

  1. Too bad this lends credence to the anti’s claims that “You should never carry a gun, it will just be taken away from you.”

  2. I think I’ll take my chances on that one, how about you?

  3. Of course I will. I just hate conceding anything!