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Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: A Transit Van and a Gun edition

What the Brits need is just one more law!

Police are investigating reports that a Lanarkshire shopkeeper was robbed of a five-figure sum of cash at gunpoint.

The 31-year-old man had left his shop in the Hillhouse area of Hamilton to drive to a cash and carry when his van was hit from behind by a Transit van.

When he got out, one man in the white Ford Transit aimed a handgun at him while the other removed the cash from his van.

The shopkeeper, from Hamilton, was not hurt but left badly shaken.

When you add up all the other laws the criminal was planning on breaking, violating the “no handguns allowed in the entire country” law doesn’t seem like a big deal, does it?

That’s the essential problem with gun control. You and I can’t take the risk of even one day in jail. These criminals rammed another person’s car, probably stole the transit van, committed assault with a deadly weapon, grand theft, and probably a list of other crimes. Yet the gun grabbers would have you believe that making guns illegal would stop all of this.

You start to think that maybe the gun grabbers are really on the other side. They are just OSHA for criminals. They take away our guns to prevent the criminals from facing a hostile work environment.

Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: Toothless but not Gunless edition

He had missing teeth, but he sure had a gun!

Two men pushed a member of staff to the ground and threatened him with a gun in a robbery at a jeweller’s in Surrey.

Police said the robbers got away with several items of jewellery in the raid at Cry for the Moon in Tunsgate, Guildford at 15:00 BST on Friday.

That’s socialized medicine for you. Banning bad teeth works exactly as well as banning guns.

Keep this in mind when your “betters” insist that you give up your guns and submit to government-run health care.

The other Armstrong dies

While everyone is basically ignoring the Lance Armstrong doping story, another Armstrong, even more famous, has died.

Former U.S. astronaut, Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, has died at the age of 82, U.S. media reported on Saturday.

Armstrong underwent a heart-bypass surgery earlier this month, just two days after his birthday on August 5, to relieve blocked coronary arteries.

As commander of the Apollo 11 mission, Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969. As he stepped on the moon’s dusty surface, Armstrong said: “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

I think he died of a broken heart. Not about the silly doping story, who really cares about that? I think that he should have been celebrating another year of the operation of Armstrong Moon Base by buying drinks for whichever astronaut had most recently returned from Mars.

Our space program is a disgrace. I can’t think of another person who is happier than me for not following his childhood dreams. I wanted to be an astronaut. I’d have done anything to get a ride in the Space Shuttle. But the more I’ve learned about how NASA douched up the space program (starting with the “reusable” Space Shuttle) the happier I am that I’m nowhere near that disgrace.

Farewell, Neil. I’m sorry we haven’t lived up to your example. It’s probably because we suck.

Shooting kids

Wilmington is a nice town but they’ve got their problems with crime.

Wilmington Police detectives arrested a 29-year-old Wilmington man in the shooting Thursday of a 15-year-old boy in the 1100 block of Campbell Street, according to a news release from the police department.

So what kind of person shoots a 15-year-old kid?


Does this surprise you?

Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: Guns and Grenades edition

If you can use it as a weapon, it’s pretty much banned in Britain. Not that this stops anyone.

A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder, after a man was killed in a gun and grenade attack in Greater Manchester.

David Short, 46, was found dead in Folkestone Road East, Clayton, on Friday after shots were heard.

A post-mortem examination concluded Mr Short died from multiple gunshot wounds and an explosion injury.

I want to see them blame this one on US gun shows.

If you can’t keep criminals from murdering people with grenades, how do you expect to stop people from owning much more common weapons like guns?

Answer: You don’t. That’s not the point of gun control. The point of gun control is to make the people dependent upon the government for their safety. Scared people who can’t defend themselves will demand that the government take people’s rights away in the name of “safety.”

If the country was safe, no one would be demanding that the government “do something.” They’d be telling the cops to shove off. The statists need criminal violence. Without it they can’t sell their agenda. Disarming the people in the face of criminal violence is exactly what they planned on doing. It wasn’t a mistake. They don’t view it as a bug, they view it as a feature.

He was such a nice guy!

A body turns up by the county landfill and the cops know just who to look for.

The Moore County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man Wednesday night after deputies found the body of his former girlfriend near a landfill outside Aberdeen, authorities said. 

The guy’s female roommate doesn’t think he would do such a thing.

(Roommate), who rented a room in (Suspect)’s home, said Thursday that she was still in shock over the allegation against him.

“I still can’t picture this,” (Roommate) said. “From the time I’ve known him, I would have never thought any of this.”

 There’s just one problem with that.


Felony assault by strangulation and misdemeanor assault on a female.

State Division of Adult Correction records show that (Suspect) has been serving 24 months on probation after being convicted in June of assault by strangulation and assault on a female. Authorities said (Victim) wasn’t the victim of those crimes.

Real nice fellow.

This will be another murder that gets called “Domestic Violence.” Even in DV situations we see that people who kill tend to have criminal backgrounds. This contradicts the usual anti-gunner lie that “everyone’s a ‘law abiding citizen’ right up until they pull the trigger.”

Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: Hiding a Gun edition

The cops thought he was  hiding something, but when they arrested him they couldn’t find anything on him. So they sent in the sniffer dog.

A man has been arrested after a police sniffer dog found a loaded gun in bushes in Birmingham.

They had him in the pokey for DUI, but they were surprised to find that he didn’t have anything on him. They were sure he was hiding something, so they went back out and they found something really important.

They found that UK gun control laws don’t keep criminals from carrying guns while driving drunk.

Tell me again why we can’t execute teens?

They just aren’t mature enough? They don’t understand the gravity of what they are doing?

The teenage daughter of a Youngsville woman shot in her house last week might have been involved in an attempt to kill her mother, according to a police report and search warrant in the case.

Franklin County authorities say Rhonda Maclean was shot in the face in the early-morning hours of Aug. 16 while she was investigating a noise in her Shearin Court home.

You are not going to believe how she set it up.

The police report goes on to include details that another man provided to the officer.

The man, whose name is also redacted from the report, told police that he heard from “a kid” that Maclean’s daughter and (Suspect 2) had planned the robbery and shooting “for a couple weeks.” The kid also told him that the daughter had been having sex with (Suspect 2), giving him money and getting him “hooked” on oxycodone and other pills.

“When he wanted more pills, she told him he would have to earn them,” the report states.

The girl’s cellphone reportedly had text messages on it about the alleged plot, and her Facebook page “had stuff on it about what they were going to do and them trying to find someone to do a home invasion for money.”

“The witness heard them discussing that she was going to let (Suspect 2) in the house, and he would kill Rhonda, the mother, in her sleep, and [the daughter] would give (Suspect 2) $3,000 , and he would use her gun to do it,” the police report says. “They would say it was a home invasion, or they would blame it on the neighbor.”

At 14, the daughter does not have a criminal record that I can access. The police report, however, tells us that she was not as pure as the driven snow. The investigating officer tells us what the mother said while she was bleeding from her wounded face.

I did not see an exit wound and she was a very gray in color and was losing a lot of blood. When Paramedic Dan arrived I told him what I knew and he began Working on the victim. She was still saying what she had told me and said her daughter is on probation and is going to juvie, and she has been sneaking boys in the house at night and her probation officer had seen her today and she was going to juvie and I will not let her have a cell phone… (PDF Warning)

If mom had died, please tell me why we couldn’t have executed the 14-year-old. She was the mastermind of the whole plan. There is no possibility of redeeming this person. Anyone who would put this kind of time and effort into hooking a person on drugs and convincing him to murder her mother is not a person who’s going to suddenly learn morality and become a productive member of society.

This is another crime that will go down in the books as “Domestic Violence.” Dollars to donuts at the end of the year when the stats are collated, we’ll be treated to another round of complaining about how badly women get abused in domestic violence. They will hope that you won’t remember that it’s not the gun, it’s the criminal mind behind the gun that lead to this shooting.

My dog, computer genius

I am an inspector for an insurance company. I go to several places a day so I use my smartphone to navigate. Every evening I store the next day’s locations in Google contacts. I number them in order, *01, *02, etc. This puts them up top on my contacts list. Navigation is easy, click the next location on the list, click the address, click navigate, and I’m off. When I get done with that location I just delete it from the contacts list and go to the next one. I love living in the future.

A couple of weeks ago I pointed out to my wife that if she wanted to know basically where I was, she could open up my Google contacts on my computer at home and see what was on top. She could also add a contact to the end of the list if she wanted me to stop at the store for milk or something like that. Last week she used it to ask me to stop at the Vet’s office for some dog food.

The big problem with this is that I think my dog was listening in. I got this contact today. Something seems a bit fishy about it, though I can’t put my finger on it.

Family violence rocks Union County

A bloody and brutal crime, one likely to be recorded as “family violence.”

Authorities said a Union County man has confessed to fatally shooting his father-in-law and brother-in-law on Tuesday.

The Union County Sheriff’s Office said (Suspect), 47, of Marshville, led officers on a 20-mile, two-county chase on his motorcycle after the shooting, which happened at a home on Lanesboro Road near Marshville.

When you have “marital problems” and you shoot your wife’s dad and brother, I think that qualifies as “family violence.”

So, what kind of person murders two family members?


Remember this when the usual suspects tell you how often guns are used to murder family members. Remind them that it’s not the gun, it’s the cold-hearted felon behind the gun that causes the damage.