9-11 and Anti-Muslim Bias

Before we get flooded with navel gazing posts blaming America for our evil tendency to treat Muslims like crap after the attacks on 9-11, let’s explore some facts. All statistics are available at the FBI Uniform Crime Reports website.

Hate crimes in general are quite rare in the US. There are over 300 million people in the US, and in the last 14 the total number of hate crimes has never exceeded 10,000. Of those, hate crimes motivated by the religion of the victim have never exceeded 20% of the total for the year.

Here’s a graph of total hate crimes vs. religiously motivated hate crimes.

Religiously motivated hate crimes compared to total hate crimes

You can see that as hate crimes go, religiously motivated hate crimes are not a large percentage of the total.

This is meaningless if all the religious hate crimes in the US are against Muslims, so let’s look at two main religious groups who suffer hate crimes.

There was that one spike in reported anti-Muslim hate crimes in 2001, but even then, the level has never even approached the levels of anti-Jewish hate crimes.

There are very few “Hate Crimes” in the US. Of that very small number, less than 20% are religiously motivated. Of that even tinier percentage, anti-Jewish hate crimes dominate the statistics. That tells me that, media hysteria aside, there is no reason to attack Americans as being generally hostile to Muslims.