The sap is a fun and interesting defensive tool

I’ve done some research, and I’ve figured out that the sap is not illegal to carry in North Carolina. NC is strange in that they don’t ban weapons, they just have a list of weapons that you can’t carry concealed.

14‑269. Carrying concealed weapons.

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person willfully and intentionally to carry concealed about his person any bowie knife, dirk, dagger, slung shot, loaded cane, metallic knuckles, razor, shurikin, stun gun, or other deadly weapon of like kind, except when the person is on the person’s own premises.

That’s pretty cool. I can own basically anything I like, I just can’t carry this short list of weapons concealed. It’s annoying that I can’t carry a fixed blade knife under my shirt next to my pistol, but that’s the way the law is written.

I did notice that there is no mention of a sap or a blackjack on this list. What’s a sap? Check out the handmade leather saps at my friend Raymond’s place. Raymond sold me a regular sap he made, plus he’s trying to make a version of this sap. It’s a Boston Leather 4-ply junior sap. It’s a brute. The head on that thing is solid lead.

I even sent an email to the State Attorney General. I asked if it was illegal to conceal a standard flat sap. They were kind enough to call me back and tell me what the current law was. The lawyer in the AGs office explained that it does not, on it’s face, violate the law. There has also never been any court decision that said that the sap was equivalent to the banned weapons. He did, however, caution me that the local District Attorney made all charging decisions on things like that and it was always possible that the DA would try to argue in court that it amounted to the same thing. I don’t want to be the court case where a sap is determined to be “arms” for purposes of the Second Amendment, but I think the chances of a cop arresting me over a sap are pretty small.

Since it’s illegal to carry a firearm into a place where alcohol is sold and consumed. I have to leave my gun in my car. I note that it isn’t illegal to carry a sap into anywhere that serves alcohol, so I carry that instead. It’s not the best solution to our bad law, but it’s better than harsh language. I’ve smacked myself in the leg a couple of times with it and I’m absolutely sure that anyone who I have to hit with it is going to be very sorry he made that necessary.

So check the laws in your state. If they’re legal to possess, you might want to see if Raymond has something you might like.

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  1. Grandma had a sap with weights at both ends. Used it to hold books open on the coffee table. Nobody would ever give it a second glance…and would never see it coming.


  2. Virginia’s law has a similar list – with the same nonsensical restriction on certain fixed-blade knives – but, unfortunately, the prohibited list for carrying does include “blackjacks”.

    Of course, possessing a blackjack at all is… risky. It’s not actually illegal to have one, but possession is prima facie evidence of intent to sell it, which is illegal. This also applies to brass knuckles, shuriken, switchblades, and ballistic knives.

  3. Interesting. I have a somewhat cheap but otherwise effective sap, I might think about bringing it next time I’m in NC!

    I bought it more as a curio as I love pulp detective novels, but found that it was a REALLY brilliant weapon. Shame they’re specifically illegal here in Mass.

  4. Canes are another carry in plain sight weapon. Get one with a reinforced steel handle and core. It will outshine most asps in how quickly you can deploy it.

  5. Sorry dude. “Slung shot” IS the legal definition of a sap. Even if you don’t use lead shot I think a DA is gonna prosecute anyway.

  6. Stretch: WRONG. Slungshot is a wooden or metal object at the end of a rope.

    Given I’ve already gotten the State Attorney General’s office to tell me that a sap is not one of the banned items, I think I’m in the clear.

  7. Grandma’s book weight is readily available at Barnes and Noble…bought one not too long ago.

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  10. In AZ, one cannot carry nunchaku, unless going to or from a certified training class.
    But, I carry everywhere I can. The bad guys do…