Slavery alive and well in North Carolina

Why they call it “Harboring” I don’t know. It sounds like slavery to me.

A Concord couple are accused of bringing an African girl into their home 18 years ago and illegally keeping her in the country while paying her little to work at their house and hair braiding salon.

Wow. What sort of people would keep an African slave in this day and age?

(Suspect 1) is a naturalized U.S. citizen from the Ivory Coast, prosecutors said, while (Suspect 2) is an Ivory Coast citizen. 

 The victim is now 28 years old and has been here almost 20 years. She was paid very little and got no formal schooling. Sadly, I doubt that the NC justice system will chain both suspects to lawnmowers for 20 years as punishment, but that’s what should happen.

One response to “Slavery alive and well in North Carolina

  1. They’re at it again. Just like the first time, Africans enslaving, or selling for enslavement, their own people.