Meanwhile in Rebecca Peters Paradise: Storming a Rival Club edition

So, you’re a biker gang, sitting in your “clubhouse.” It’s Australia, so there’s strong anti-gun laws. It should be relatively safe from gun violence, right?

Men in balaclavas, carrying baseball bats and a gun, stormed a Rebels clubhouse on the state’s south coast overnight, leaving four club members seriously injured in hospital.

Investigators have been told that sometime before 9pm last night, the victims were in the house on Hawke Street, Huskisson – long known to locals as a Rebels club house – when four men forced their way into the property and assaulted them.

One of the intruders then shot at the group, before they fled.

Three of the victims arrived at Shoalhaven Hospital at about 9.15pm last night with such serious injuries that hospital staff initially told police three people had been shot, two with life-threatening head wounds.

However, police have since clarified that a 27-year-old man had been shot in the leg, while two others – aged 39 and 37 – have serious head injuries.

I guess they forgot to add the important “Not Even Biker Gang Members Are Allowed to Own Guns” section to the law. That would have made all the difference, I think. Probably the invading gang mistakenly thought that the law against guns didn’t apply to them.

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