Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: Armored Car Robbery edition

You’d think that with handguns banned heavily restricted* that things like this would be impossible.

A sum of money has been stolen from a cash delivery van during an armed robbery in south Belfast.

A security guard was threatened by a man believed to be carrying a gun outside the Centra on the Ormeau Road about 08:00 BST on Sunday.

It’s like gun control doesn’t stop crime or something.

* Roberta X, in comments has pointed out that gun laws in Northern Ireland are not quite as restrictive as in (Formerly Great) Britain

However a firearm certificate for a personal protection weapon will only be authorised where the Police Service of Northern Ireland deems there is a ‘verifiable specific risk’ to the life of an individual and that the possession of a firearm is a reasonable, proportionate and necessary measure to protect their life.

3 responses to “Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: Armored Car Robbery edition

  1. In the interest of accuracy, handguns are not banned in Northern Ireland:

  2. Thanks, Roberta. I’ve updated the post to reflect that.