What’s on your desktop?

Sebastian asks what is on your computer desktop.

My dog, Zucca. She’s wondering why I’m laying on the floor.

This photo was taken back when I lived in Pennsylvania. We’d just gotten her. She still had use of both of her eyes. Now she’s got a cataract in one and is working on the other. Plus she’s mostly grey around the muzzle.

She wasn’t the dog either my wife or I really wanted, but we’re both glad that we picked her. Even if it was accidentally. Sometimes you just get lucky despite your plans.

2 responses to “What’s on your desktop?

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  2. We recently had to put down our Irish Wolfhound mix, Hobo. He too had gotten old, had cataracs in both eyes, and seldom went out except to do his business. One morning he just couldn’t stand up, so we knew it was time. But he was a good dog, and we were lucky he came to live with us. I felt better knowing he was around guarding my wife when I was gone for months at a time.