Meanwhile in Rebecca Peters Paradise: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished edition

I carry a gun. I’ve often felt that it would give me an advantage if someone tried to carjack me. I still don’t take too many chances, but I’m more likely to assist people when I know I have something to even the odds. Not so in other countries.

A man who offered another man a lift last night in Busselton was threatened with a shot gun and had his car stolen.

The cops recovered the stolen car with a gun inside it, but the suspect got away. No doubt he is seriously reconsidering his lifestyle. He’ll most likely be reconsidering the shotgun and getting a handgun next time. It’s not like he’ll have difficulty, and a handgun is easier to carry when making your escape.

Oh, you thought I meant he’d reconsider his life of crime? Why? There’s no significant downside to it. It’s not like his victims could shoot back.

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