Track the iPhone, track the crime spree

Thieves in Raleigh stole in iPhone, and inadvertently gave the cops the means to track them.

An iPhone stolen Thursday was an unexpected assist for police, who were able to use the phone’s Life 360 app to track three men as they went on what appears to be a mini crime spree that possibly included the shooting of a Durham teen.

The phone owner noticed that his iPhone was gone, so he called the cops and his girlfriend. Together they convinced the cop to use a tracking app on his own phone to follow the stolen iPhone.

The officer told Ridge that he would simply drive to the location indicated by the app and apprehend the thief.

Ridge said about 10 minutes passed and the officer who had just left the service station called again.

“He said, ‘This has become a little more serious,’ ” Ridge said. “ ‘The guy who took your phone has robbed somebody at gunpoint on Capital Boulevard.’ ”

So what sort of people will steal an iPhone and then go on a multi-city crime spree?

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

Suspect 3

Hardly surprising, given what we know about criminals.

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