Meanwhile in Rebecca Peters Paradise: Ram Bar and a Rifle edition

So if you can’t stop people from modding their van into a battering ram, how do you expect to keep people from getting guns and threatening bank tellers?

A white van used to by two thieves to smash their way into a Gold Coast bank this morning had been fitted with a ‘‘ram bar’’ custom made for the robbery, police have revealed.

The men, who wore balaclavas, forced the ram bar through the plate glass windows of the Commonwealth Bank on Currumburra Road at Ashmore about 8.30am.

The pair made their way inside, threatened staff with a sawn-off rifle and then helped themselves to numerous bags of money in a ‘‘drop safe’’ set aside for after-hours business deposits.

Click over and see the photo of the van.

It’s stuff like this that makes me shake my head. Now they’ll make it illegal to attach rams to vans, and they’ll have exactly the same impact on van-ram crime as gun bans had on gun crime.

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