Meanwhile in X Paradise: Every Day for a Year edition

Three hundred and sixty-five days ago, I said I was starting a big new push. Every day since September 25th, 2011 I have posted a gun crime story from a foreign country. That even includes the two weeks I was in Slovenia and Croatia.

At first I searched a lot of newspapers online, but in the end I found that it was easy to come up with a new gun crime story each day by searching two news outlets. I got almost all of my crime stories from BBC and the Sydney Morning Herald. Did I use any fancy sleuthing techniques to ferret out hidden gun crime stories? Nope. I just went to the main page of each news service and searched for stories with the word “gun” in them. That means I likely missed plenty of stories where the writer happened to choose “rifle” or “pistol” instead of the generic “gun.”

I want you to stop and think about that for a second. Two countries who heavily restrict guns still have enough gun crime that I can find a new story every single day for a year. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about the failure of gun control, I don’t know what does.

So take an hour and read through some of the stories. Ask yourself if you’d be willing to give up your gun rights to live in one of these two countries. This is what gun control actually looks like. It’s disarmed citizens victimized by the same crimes we have here. The only difference between us and them is that their citizens can’t fight back. 

Starting tomorrow I will only be posting stories in this category once in a while. I’ll post about the spectacular stuff like the machine gun murders and bicycle drive bys. I’ll start posting more stories about Felons Behaving Badly, another category that’s been a bit neglected around here.

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