I guess that when you like to beat up women…

I’ve never understood the desire to beat people up. I’ve really never understood the desire to beat up women. I mean, sure, occasionally I’ve had the urge to punch a really obnoxious women in the face, but it’s not really that hard an urge to resist.

Authorities in Richmond County say they have charged a man with murder, in connection with the death of a 4-year-old girl.

Why do I bring up beating up women in reference to the killing of a 4 year old girl?


There’s a couple of felonies in there, but look at the “Assault on a Female” charges. There are two separate convictions.

Some people just don’t care about the lives and well being of others. They think that they can solve their problems by beating people that irritate them. They think that stealing your stuff is a proper solution to their desire for money. And sometimes they kill people.

You might wonder why I post about criminals being criminals. It’s like posting about the sun rising in the East or about water being wet. But there’s a method to this. People don’t wake up one day and decide to kill someone. They don’t live exemplary lives for years and then suddenly “snap” and murder their wives and children. People who do things like that generally have a long history of criminal and anti-social behavior.

The anti-gunners like to pretend that you and I are just one bad day from mass murder. They imagine that you, armed with a gun, are a slaughter waiting to happen. They see you with a gun and they imagine what they would do with a gun. They imagine shootouts over fender benders. They imagine fistfights turning into gun battles. They never explain why you would live to adulthood without harming anyone and would suddenly start murdering people once you have a gun.

I think that it says a whole lot more about them than it says about you and me.

7 responses to “I guess that when you like to beat up women…

  1. robertsgunshop

    Wife beaters are so low on my list. If I ever was to kill someone, that’s who it would be. My sister was married to one and I never knew. He fell over dead from a heart attack one month before he turned 40. I wasn’t saddened by the news. In my opinion, the only thing lower is a child molester.

  2. Frankly, i don’t agree with the “Assault on a Female” law. Should just be “Assault” period.

  3. Some people follow all of the above and then some. My findings are as follows, Some women are much more articulate than the male in their life and nag, nag, bitch and bitch.

    Talk to any reputable counselor and they will tell you that verbal abuse is much more damaging than physical abuse so we must temper our response until we know all the facts.

    If a person cannot remove themself from the situation they will fight back and a person who fights back usually uses the weapon they know. Don’t like these facts, I can’t help it; they are facts

  4. Dad, what are you talking about? Are you saying if I go to the shooting range I will fight back with a gun; if I am a butcher I will fight back with a knife; if I pump gas I’m gonna light her up?? What about walking away from unreasonable people, whoever they are? One does not have to argue or win, or listen to anyone’s crap. What situation other than a submarine would keep you from removing yourself from a situation? Unless you are a criminal who does not obey the law let alone God’s law.

  5. Not what I said at all

  6. One of the things you do not take into consideration is, most of the violence is not a one off, it has been going on for a long time. The other thing is, why should HE remove himself, why can’t she remove herself. It appears as though you are buying into the poor damsel in distress blarney I do not.

    I am a firm believer in equality, equality of good stuff and equality of bad. I for one would have no placew to remove myself to, never mind your submarine. I don’t have motel money etc.