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Meanwhile in X Paradise: Every Day for a Year edition

Three hundred and sixty-five days ago, I said I was starting a big new push. Every day since September 25th, 2011 I have posted a gun crime story from a foreign country. That even includes the two weeks I was in Slovenia and Croatia.

At first I searched a lot of newspapers online, but in the end I found that it was easy to come up with a new gun crime story each day by searching two news outlets. I got almost all of my crime stories from BBC and the Sydney Morning Herald. Did I use any fancy sleuthing techniques to ferret out hidden gun crime stories? Nope. I just went to the main page of each news service and searched for stories with the word “gun” in them. That means I likely missed plenty of stories where the writer happened to choose “rifle” or “pistol” instead of the generic “gun.”

I want you to stop and think about that for a second. Two countries who heavily restrict guns still have enough gun crime that I can find a new story every single day for a year. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about the failure of gun control, I don’t know what does.

So take an hour and read through some of the stories. Ask yourself if you’d be willing to give up your gun rights to live in one of these two countries. This is what gun control actually looks like. It’s disarmed citizens victimized by the same crimes we have here. The only difference between us and them is that their citizens can’t fight back. 

Starting tomorrow I will only be posting stories in this category once in a while. I’ll post about the spectacular stuff like the machine gun murders and bicycle drive bys. I’ll start posting more stories about Felons Behaving Badly, another category that’s been a bit neglected around here.

Meanwhile in Rebecca Peters Paradise: Ram Bar and a Rifle edition

So if you can’t stop people from modding their van into a battering ram, how do you expect to keep people from getting guns and threatening bank tellers?

A white van used to by two thieves to smash their way into a Gold Coast bank this morning had been fitted with a ‘‘ram bar’’ custom made for the robbery, police have revealed.

The men, who wore balaclavas, forced the ram bar through the plate glass windows of the Commonwealth Bank on Currumburra Road at Ashmore about 8.30am.

The pair made their way inside, threatened staff with a sawn-off rifle and then helped themselves to numerous bags of money in a ‘‘drop safe’’ set aside for after-hours business deposits.

Click over and see the photo of the van.

It’s stuff like this that makes me shake my head. Now they’ll make it illegal to attach rams to vans, and they’ll have exactly the same impact on van-ram crime as gun bans had on gun crime.

Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: Petrol Station Raid edition

Is there nothing sacred? It’s Belfast, part of the United Kingdom, and therefore a nearly gun free paradise. Yet something like this happens?

A man armed with a gun has made off with cash and cigarettes after robbing a petrol station at Glengormley on the outskirts of north Belfast.

If it was actually hard to get a gun, then only elite criminals would have them. They’d be too expensive for ordinary criminals to have. Yet we have some idiot stealing cash and cigarettes with his highly illegal gun.

Gun Control = Fail

Track the iPhone, track the crime spree

Thieves in Raleigh stole in iPhone, and inadvertently gave the cops the means to track them.

An iPhone stolen Thursday was an unexpected assist for police, who were able to use the phone’s Life 360 app to track three men as they went on what appears to be a mini crime spree that possibly included the shooting of a Durham teen.

The phone owner noticed that his iPhone was gone, so he called the cops and his girlfriend. Together they convinced the cop to use a tracking app on his own phone to follow the stolen iPhone.

The officer told Ridge that he would simply drive to the location indicated by the app and apprehend the thief.

Ridge said about 10 minutes passed and the officer who had just left the service station called again.

“He said, ‘This has become a little more serious,’ ” Ridge said. “ ‘The guy who took your phone has robbed somebody at gunpoint on Capital Boulevard.’ ”

So what sort of people will steal an iPhone and then go on a multi-city crime spree?

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

Suspect 3

Hardly surprising, given what we know about criminals.

Meanwhile in Rebecca Peters Paradise: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished edition

I carry a gun. I’ve often felt that it would give me an advantage if someone tried to carjack me. I still don’t take too many chances, but I’m more likely to assist people when I know I have something to even the odds. Not so in other countries.

A man who offered another man a lift last night in Busselton was threatened with a shot gun and had his car stolen.

The cops recovered the stolen car with a gun inside it, but the suspect got away. No doubt he is seriously reconsidering his lifestyle. He’ll most likely be reconsidering the shotgun and getting a handgun next time. It’s not like he’ll have difficulty, and a handgun is easier to carry when making your escape.

Oh, you thought I meant he’d reconsider his life of crime? Why? There’s no significant downside to it. It’s not like his victims could shoot back.

What’s on your desktop?

Sebastian asks what is on your computer desktop.

My dog, Zucca. She’s wondering why I’m laying on the floor.

This photo was taken back when I lived in Pennsylvania. We’d just gotten her. She still had use of both of her eyes. Now she’s got a cataract in one and is working on the other. Plus she’s mostly grey around the muzzle.

She wasn’t the dog either my wife or I really wanted, but we’re both glad that we picked her. Even if it was accidentally. Sometimes you just get lucky despite your plans.

Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: Armored Car Robbery edition

You’d think that with handguns banned heavily restricted* that things like this would be impossible.

A sum of money has been stolen from a cash delivery van during an armed robbery in south Belfast.

A security guard was threatened by a man believed to be carrying a gun outside the Centra on the Ormeau Road about 08:00 BST on Sunday.

It’s like gun control doesn’t stop crime or something.

* Roberta X, in comments has pointed out that gun laws in Northern Ireland are not quite as restrictive as in (Formerly Great) Britain

However a firearm certificate for a personal protection weapon will only be authorised where the Police Service of Northern Ireland deems there is a ‘verifiable specific risk’ to the life of an individual and that the possession of a firearm is a reasonable, proportionate and necessary measure to protect their life.

Meanwhile in Rebecca Peters Paradise: Storming a Rival Club edition

So, you’re a biker gang, sitting in your “clubhouse.” It’s Australia, so there’s strong anti-gun laws. It should be relatively safe from gun violence, right?

Men in balaclavas, carrying baseball bats and a gun, stormed a Rebels clubhouse on the state’s south coast overnight, leaving four club members seriously injured in hospital.

Investigators have been told that sometime before 9pm last night, the victims were in the house on Hawke Street, Huskisson – long known to locals as a Rebels club house – when four men forced their way into the property and assaulted them.

One of the intruders then shot at the group, before they fled.

Three of the victims arrived at Shoalhaven Hospital at about 9.15pm last night with such serious injuries that hospital staff initially told police three people had been shot, two with life-threatening head wounds.

However, police have since clarified that a 27-year-old man had been shot in the leg, while two others – aged 39 and 37 – have serious head injuries.

I guess they forgot to add the important “Not Even Biker Gang Members Are Allowed to Own Guns” section to the law. That would have made all the difference, I think. Probably the invading gang mistakenly thought that the law against guns didn’t apply to them.

Slavery alive and well in North Carolina

Why they call it “Harboring” I don’t know. It sounds like slavery to me.

A Concord couple are accused of bringing an African girl into their home 18 years ago and illegally keeping her in the country while paying her little to work at their house and hair braiding salon.

Wow. What sort of people would keep an African slave in this day and age?

(Suspect 1) is a naturalized U.S. citizen from the Ivory Coast, prosecutors said, while (Suspect 2) is an Ivory Coast citizen. 

 The victim is now 28 years old and has been here almost 20 years. She was paid very little and got no formal schooling. Sadly, I doubt that the NC justice system will chain both suspects to lawnmowers for 20 years as punishment, but that’s what should happen.

Wherein an Australian stripper comes to my defense

Way back in March, I posted a story about a convicted felon who buried a dog alive. He claimed that the dog had been poisoned and he was trying to end its suffering.

I linked to the story, and I even left a comment on the story pointing out his lengthy criminal record. This apparently incensed him. He left two comments. I will copy them in all their grammatical glory. (language warning)




Make sure to scroll through and read all the rest of his intelligent discourse.

Now I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook, so I didn’t see any notifications that this clown had responded. Today, I saw that someone else had. Coming to my defense, or at least the defense of decency everywhere was Zyla, ExoticEntertainer, dancer at The Firm, Adelaide’s Premier Gentleman’s Club. (possibly NSFW) Yep, I got backup from an Australian stripper.

How doesn’t your background have something to do with this? You have abused a woman and a police officer so you’re obviously capable of inflicting harm on another living thing. Not to mention the theft and drug charges.

You are a sick and twisted individual. People like you make me want to get into law enforcement.

Is it just me or does this comment sound even better if you mentally dub in the Australian accent? My wife’s been watching Satisfaction on NetFlix instant lately, so female Australian accents are easy for me to imagine.

So, if anyone happens to go to Adelaide, Australia, please stop in at The Firm and say thanks to Zyla. Remember that the best kind of thanks is the kind that folds and spends.

Aren’t the internets grand?