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Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: Drugs Make You Stupid edition

I think that drugs either make you stupid, or increase the stupid you already have. Dude was smoking pot outside a house, so the cops snatched him up, along with everyone in his house.

Three people have been arrested after a gun, ammunition and drugs were found in a house by police in Merseyside.

One of the guys in the house had a gun in a bag he was carrying.

Here’s some basic things that anyone with the most rudimentary common sense should be able to understand.

  1. If you’re going to break the law, don’t do it in the middle of the street.
  2. If you’re going to hang out with people, don’t hang out with people who are so stupid that they smoke pot in the middle of the street.
  3. If you’re going to hang out with people that stupid, don’t have a gun in a country that absolutely bans handguns.
  4. If you run a country, don’t ban honest and responsible citizens from having guns. That means that the only people who have guns are people so stupid and irresponsible that they hang out with druggies who smoke pot in the middle of the street.

There’s a whole lot of fail here.

Meanwhile in Rebecca Peters Paradise: Specifically Targeted Hit edition

Generally, hosing down a car with gunfire happens only in Hollywood movies and during police stops of cars in Florida. So why did it happen in Australia where guns are tightly regulated?

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione says a double shooting overnight was believed to have been a specifically targeted hit.

Two men died in hospital overnight after being shot multiple times while sitting in a parked ute in the western Sydney suburb of South Wentworthville about 9pm yesterday. A search is under way for the gunman.

I guess that they’re gun control doesn’t work so well at keeping murderers and other criminals from having guns. It seems to work well at keeping regular honest folks from having them, though.

Maybe that’s all they wanted to do.

Meanwhile in Dermot Ahern Paradise: Another One Dead in Ireland edition

For a country bent on preventing the emergence of “gun culture,” they seem to have a bit of a murder problem.

A man has been killed in a gun attack in Dublin in the Republic of Ireland.

All the way across the country from another one that happened in County Clare the day before.

Wasn’t banning guns supposed to stop this sort of thing?

Meanwhile in Dermot Ahern Paradise: Shot Outside the Hotel edition

We know what the Irish think about “gun culture.” God forbid that honest Irish citizens have guns and use them for sport, recreation, or self-defense. Amazingly enough their gun banning ways haven’t stopped criminals from using guns.

Irish police have begun a murder investigation after a man died in hospital, two days after he was shot outside a hotel in County Clare.

The 21-year-old man was approached by two men in the car park of the hotel in Bunratty and shot a number of times in the early hours of Sunday.

But we all know that the most important thing to do is write one more law that will stop honest people from getting guns.

Meanwhile in Rebecca Peters Paradise: Sawed Off Shotgun and a Fright Wig edition

He was not only a criminal but a walking fashion disaster.

A man wearing a “most unattractive” wig robbed a Camberwell bank armed with a double-barrel shotgun because he needed cash to pay his lawyer for a pending court appearance.

David Kruzenga, 30, terrified a teller on March 24 this year when he put the unloaded 12 gauge shotgun on a counter and demanded money.

He stole the gun from his father’s gun repair business and sawed it down to size.

This just goes to show you that when someone decides to become a criminal, they don’t let a little thing like not owning a gun slow them down. They steal what they need, modify it how they want, and don’t care about all the other laws they are breaking.

Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: Armed Robber Shot edition

The cops were hoping to catch him at the airport but he escaped. They caught him at a local hospital three weeks later.

A suspected armed robber who went on the run has been arrested in hospital.

Anthony Morrison, 33, was dropped off at North Manchester General Hospital on Sunday after being shot in the chest, police said.

He had flown in to Manchester airport from Amsterdam on 6 July but fled from police who were at the airport to arrest him in connection with a robbery in Oldham in October 2011.

No one’s really sure how he got shot, but it does seem to fit with the general “criminals get shot more often” pattern we see here in the USA.

Someone needs to explain to me why a country that absolutely bans handguns has armed robbers getting shot. Isn’t that exactly the sort of thing that gun laws were intended to prevent? Armed robbers, and gunshot wounds?

The sap is a fun and interesting defensive tool

I’ve done some research, and I’ve figured out that the sap is not illegal to carry in North Carolina. NC is strange in that they don’t ban weapons, they just have a list of weapons that you can’t carry concealed.

14‑269. Carrying concealed weapons.

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person willfully and intentionally to carry concealed about his person any bowie knife, dirk, dagger, slung shot, loaded cane, metallic knuckles, razor, shurikin, stun gun, or other deadly weapon of like kind, except when the person is on the person’s own premises.

That’s pretty cool. I can own basically anything I like, I just can’t carry this short list of weapons concealed. It’s annoying that I can’t carry a fixed blade knife under my shirt next to my pistol, but that’s the way the law is written.

I did notice that there is no mention of a sap or a blackjack on this list. What’s a sap? Check out the handmade leather saps at my friend Raymond’s place. Raymond sold me a regular sap he made, plus he’s trying to make a version of this sap. It’s a Boston Leather 4-ply junior sap. It’s a brute. The head on that thing is solid lead.

I even sent an email to the State Attorney General. I asked if it was illegal to conceal a standard flat sap. They were kind enough to call me back and tell me what the current law was. The lawyer in the AGs office explained that it does not, on it’s face, violate the law. There has also never been any court decision that said that the sap was equivalent to the banned weapons. He did, however, caution me that the local District Attorney made all charging decisions on things like that and it was always possible that the DA would try to argue in court that it amounted to the same thing. I don’t want to be the court case where a sap is determined to be “arms” for purposes of the Second Amendment, but I think the chances of a cop arresting me over a sap are pretty small.

Since it’s illegal to carry a firearm into a place where alcohol is sold and consumed. I have to leave my gun in my car. I note that it isn’t illegal to carry a sap into anywhere that serves alcohol, so I carry that instead. It’s not the best solution to our bad law, but it’s better than harsh language. I’ve smacked myself in the leg a couple of times with it and I’m absolutely sure that anyone who I have to hit with it is going to be very sorry he made that necessary.

So check the laws in your state. If they’re legal to possess, you might want to see if Raymond has something you might like.

Meanwhile in Rebecca Peters Paradise: Straight through the Door edition

So you live in Australia. You’re in your own home. Your government makes it illegal to own any semi-auto centerfire rifles, pump shotguns, and makes pistols extremely difficult to get. You should feel pretty safe from gun violence, right?

A 24-year-old man is undergoing surgery after being shot in the arm at his home north of Brisbane yesterday.

It is understood the gun was fired through the front door of the man’s Colonial Drive house in Lawnton about 3.30pm, with the bullet hitting his arm.


You have to hope that a track record of massive failure will eventually lead people to question this stupid policy of disarming the law-abiding while doing nothing to stop criminals from having all the guns they like.

Sandals are not for combat

As part of my job as an inspector, I went to a secure facility today. I am not going to tell you exactly what it was except to say that the security was tighter than the prisons I’ve inspected. This location had armed guards.

Today I saw something straight out of a “chicks and guns” photo shoot. She was young, very slim, and every bit as pretty as Jennifer of In Jennifer’s Head. Now, typically when I see a person carrying a gun as part of their job, they wear some sort of uniform unless they happen to be police detectives who work in plain clothes. Not this girl. She had her tank top hiked up a bit so it didn’t interfere with her SERPA holster holding what looked like a Glock 19. That SERPA was attached to her bright red and very form-fitting pants.

She was hot.

There was just one problem. She was wearing a pair of flat soled sandals. I’m not talking about Tevas, or something built tough, but a pair of those cute girly sandals that sorority girls wear between their car and the pool.

Here’s the thing. If you’re carrying a gun as a self-defense tool, wear whatever you like. Jennifer says she once took a home defense shotgun course wearing 3 inch heels. But if you’re carrying a gun as part of your job outside of a secure facility, you’re carrying that gun because you are expected to go into combat. And cute sandals are great in your personal life, but they aren’t warrior wear.

Sorry for the lack of photos. It was a secure facility after all.

Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise: Gun Attacks All By Itself edition

It’s nice to see that British reporters are as bad with the English language as our own reporters. They call it a “Gun Attack,” as if the gun attacked all by itself.

A man and a woman have escaped injury in a gun attack in Coleraine.

Three shots were fired at the house in the the Crescent housing estate.

Newsflash: the gun didn’t attack anyone. It was a person using the gun to attack people. A person who was willing to break all the relevant laws against trying to harm people, and was somehow not slowed down by the laws against having guns in (Formerly Great) Britain.

Isn’t gun control awesome? It works so well!