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Belgians shoot Austrian

Tuesday was the third range trip with my new Belgian friends. You remember that a few weeks ago I took Marthe and Peter-Jan to the shooting range for their first time shooting a pistol. That went well and their second range trip showed improvement. They did well enough that I thought we should move up to a full size cartridge.

Look at the grip and that stance. She’s driving the gun, not letting the gun drive her.

During the first two range trips, Peter-Jan did better than Marthe. It was a curious reversal of the normal situation, where usually women listen better and learn faster. Well Marthe must have been sneaking off for extra practice because she improved dramatically when I put a Glock 17 in her hands. 

With any new semi-auto, I will only give a new shooter one bullet at a time. I don’t want a new shooter to get excited and crank off the second round into the ceiling tiles. We shot at 7 or 8 yards, at standard paper plates. Marthe put her first 5 rounds into her plate without even trying hard. It was pretty amazing. I made sure to pull that target and sign it. It’s not every day that someone puts their first 5 shots with a full power cartridge into the target.

Peter-Jan struggled a bit, but quickly got the hang of it. Once we swapped out targets, Peter-Jan put all the rest of his rounds (25) into his paper plate. He shot low a lot, but we know what’s causing that and we’ll be working on a correction. Unfortunately the photos of Peter-Jan were too blurry to post.

Marthe was very accurate, but she struggled once we started loading multiple rounds in the pistol. She couldn’t get the gun to cycle correctly. She got stovepipes and failures to feed constantly. It wasn’t until the last 10 rounds she shot that I finally figured out what was going wrong. Her shooting hand wasn’t fully behind the gun. We moved her grip and suddenly the pistol ran great.

We should be shooting again next week.

A special thanks to Bob Reynolds of Templar Custom for the loan of his Glock 17. And have I said how much I like the people who run the Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center? They are polite, helpful, and quite a cheerful bunch. If you live close, you should check it out.

Someone made a video for me!

Watch the video.

Barron Barnett made this video based upon my comments when the kerfuffle started.

How very strange

A worker made a grim discovery in the woods in Salisbury

Rowan authorities say a man whose body was found hanging from a tree in Salisbury last week may have died in early January.

Ten months hanging in a tree by his belt?


He’s currently listed as an absconder from parole. His last conviction was in 2008, and he received 36 months probation, so his probation would have been over before this January. It seems to me that he absconded well before he (apparently) killed himself.

His discovery might have answered one question, but it seems to have left us with a lot more of them.

Frequent flyer

When you have a name like this guy, the fact that the beat cops can spell your name correctly is a bad sign.

A Wilmington man with an extensive criminal record is being held on a $1 million bond after police served a search warrant on his North 12th Street home Wednesday seizing heroin and cocaine, according to an official.



Wow. You’d think that there would be some sort of limit before they would just lock you up forever, but apparently not.

Sooper Sekrit “Ballistic Database” in Rockingham County?

It’s a bizarre story.

A Reidsville couple killed in February were shot with the husband’s stolen 9mm handgun, the Rockingham County sheriff said today.

So the guy took the gun and shot them during the robbery? Nope. He stole it in December and shot them in February.

Rockingham Sheriff Sam Page said Troy French realized in December that his Hi-Point 9mm handgun had been stolen, but was unsure when. Investigators said ballistics tests showed that Troy and LaDonna were shot with Troy French’s stolen gun.

How bizarre. With no suspect in custody, they must have found the gun to run ballistics matching, right?

The gun has yet to be recovered.


How can you ballistically match a stolen Hi-Point to a murder when you don’t have the gun to match it? There’s no gun registration in North Carolina, and there’s certainly no “Ballistic Database” either. So how did they ballistically match it?

Not a felon, too good to pass up

Generally my criminal stories are about felons behaving badly. Not this time. I thought this story illustrated a point about who you let be your roommate.

A Robeson County man is accused of setting a fire in September that heavily damaged an apartment and destroyed the property of his then-roommate, authorities said.

The jerk got pissed at his roommate and set his clothes on fire in the yard. The fire did $15,000 damage to the apartment.


Here’s a tip. Check your roommate’s background before letting him stay with you.

Shot 12 times plus 3 in his vest, Sikh Temple cop tells his story

We heard about Police Lt. Brian Murphy. Now he’s well enough to tell his story

The first shot hit him in the face, left side of his jaw, the 9mm bullet moving down, ripping through his larynx, bouncing off his spinal column and lodging in his right neck.

He remembered his training – “in a high-risk incident I will survive.” And he moved, even as 11 more bullets pierced his arms, hands, legs and the back of his head, even as three more bullets struck his protective vest, even as the gunman kept coming, firing at close range.

His biggest regret?

“People always ask me, do you flash back, do you have nightmares,” Murphy says. “My answer is no. I have none of that. I’m lucky and I touch wood. I’m very fortunate that way. But what I do look back at is what I could have done different. I have always been a big proponent, no reason to go over 70 miles an hour. You put others at risk. But if I could have gone 100, could I have stopped him from shooting just one other person?”

I think you’ve done plenty, Sir. 15 bullets meant for others hit you. You tied him up until your brother officer could shoot him.

There is a long video interview at the link. Watch it.

This crime really bothers me

There’s a certain etiquette to strip clubs. You should keep your hands to your self, you should try to be reasonably polite to the staff, and you shouldn’t try to tip the dancers with counterfeit money.

Greensboro police said two men exchanged photocopied $100 and $20 bills for alcoholic beverages and services at Christie’s Cabaret at 4016 W. Wendover Ave. on Friday.

That’s just a douche move. When a woman is taking off her clothes and cavorting about in your lap, you pay her. You don’t try to pass off photocopied C-notes as the real deal.

Suspect 1 (note, the middle names don’t match. The age, location, and crimes fit thought)

Suspect 2

Not cool, man. Not cool at all.

Brotherly love

I’ve occasionally had a beef with my brother, but it never got this bad.

Henderson police arrested a 26-year-old man Friday night and charged him with second-degree murder in the death of his brother.

Both my brother and I have guns, so maybe it isn’t the guns that cause murder



Maybe criminals kill each other.

No doubt the anti-gunners will celebrate another “proof” that you’re more likely to kill someone you know that a total stranger.

He was a busy beaver

Drugs make you stupid. They also contribute to bad decision making.

(Suspect), 34, of Klondyke Avenue, was charged Tuesday with possession with intent to manufacture, sell and deliver cocaine, carrying a concealed gun, possession of a firearm by a felon, resisting public officers, littering and possession of drug paraphernalia

Drugs cost money, but they also make it hard to hold down a normal job. That puts druggies in a bind. They can’t earn enough to pay for their drugs because the drugs make it impossible to hold down a job paying enough to cover the costs of the drugs. So they steal, scam, rob, or try to sell drugs themselves.


It looks like this guy spent a lot of time committing financial crimes. Read that list of convictions again. Every one of them has a victim bilked out of their hard earned dollars.