This is what we’re dealing with (*Video*)

So, gun control will solve our problems?

CBS 2’s Walter Jacobson sat down with gang members in Chicago’s troubled Englewood neighborhood to try to find some answers.

Some of the responses he received were not encouraging.

“There’s no solution to the violence,” one gang member tells him. “Killing, killing is the solution.”

You’ve got to watch the video to understand what we’re dealing with here.


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It’s not the guns. It’s the culture.

Via The War on Guns

2 responses to “This is what we’re dealing with (*Video*)

  1. And in Chicago, run by the Evil Party for how many generations? With what gun laws?

    Reminds me of a line from ‘Justified’, “How can you deal with people like that?”

  2. 400 murders in 2012 at the airing of this video…

    …and it’s the fault of the guns.