Want to have some fun with Chapel Hill?

For about $600 we could have a bit of fun with Chapel Hill.

CHAPEL HILL — The American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina has urged Chapel Hill leaders to let controversial ads stay on local buses.

ACLU Legal Director Christopher Brook wrote in a letter Friday that his group has received complaints from several residents who “don’t want to see their community suppress free speech and dialogue.”

Chapel Hill instead should “serve as a model for other North Carolina communities by embracing the free exchange of ideas, even when controversial,” he said.

So what’s the horrible ad that has everyone up in arms?

Oh yeah. Really controversial.

Yes, it’s a douchey ad, and I totally disagree with it. In fact, I would be happier to see an ad for Pamela Geller’s “Support the Civilized Man” campaign. But a governmental entity has no business discriminating one way or the other. I suspect that the people in charge of the bus ads realized that if they accept this ad that they would have to accept the other, offensive to them, ad.

Luckily the ACLU is on the case. They’ve pretty much said that they will sue if they don’t get the ad on the bus. Would you like to give them all a lesson? Would you like to live rent free in their heads for MONTHS?

For a 1-3 month sign on one bus it costs just short of $200 per month. I propose we get the Second Amendment Foundation sign that Miguel is holding in the USA Today photo. The standard “Queen” size banners are 108″x30″. The SAF sign would be 20×30″, leaving us 88×30″ to exhort people to get concealed handgun permits from their County Sheriff.

Here’s the advertising policy. The one we need to address is

(h) Illegal Firearms and Weapons. Advertising that contains images or depictions of illegal firearms or any firearms, or the unlawful use of firearms or other weapons.

I don’t think that this can stand. It’s one thing to ban illegal activity, but you can’t ban Constitutionally protected activity.

And no matter what, we’d get to have a lot of fun pissing off all the right people. Does anyone know someone with money lying around who would like to fund a “piss off the anti-gunners in Liberal Chapel Hill” project? $600 gets us started. More than that gets us more buses.

Of course, we could always ask Oleg Volk for a photo. Like this one. Or this one. Or even this one.

8 responses to “Want to have some fun with Chapel Hill?

  1. robertsgunshop

    Iowa Carry, when we were working to get shall issue, placed ad’s on city buses that showed two people, 1 male, 1 female, standing back to back with holstered firearms. They couldn’t say no because the gun use depicted wasn’t “illegal”. They did try until someone brought up lawsuit.

  2. I’ve run this drill before. It’s… quite fun. Perhaps it’s time to do it again… -Brandon

  3. I think it would be hilarious. Know any deep pocketed donors who would enjoy seeing Chapel Hill discomfited?

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  5. Take up a collection – I’d bet you can come up with the six c-notes in about ten days or less.

  6. BTW – I like your third Oleg Volk-supplied photo best as an alternative – or maybe for a second ad-buy, if you can collect enough.

    It’s a “twofer” – if they try to refuse the ad, you can ALSO accuse them of being “raaaaaciiists”…

  7. J.S.Bridges: That’s terrible. I would never (NEVER!) try to determine which Chapel Hill bus route went through the mostly African American areas of Chapel Hill (assuming there is one) and slap that photo on the side of it.

    That would be terrible. It would make liberal heads go all ‘splodey.

    I did notice that Oleg has a couple of ones that are of the “armed gays don’t get bashed” variety. That would be hilarious.

  8. Here’s the one we did a couple of years ago: http://www.saf.org/SF-MTA_Ad.pdf.