Tam asks, I answer

Reflecting upon the silly stories written about the unfortunate adoptive father who shot a burglar who attacked him with a knife only to find out that the attacker was his adopted 16 year old son, Tam asks

I would like to see a Venn diagram of the following sets of people:

1.Those who say that rape and other crimes of violence aren’t usually perpetrated by masked strangers in bushes, but rather by acquaintances or even family members, and…

2.Those who say you shouldn’t own a firearm because statistics show that it is more likely to be used on a family member or acquaintance than on a masked stranger in the bushes.

 Well, here’s your answer

 Rapists should be shot. Who they know and who they are related to is completely irrelevant.

A funnier answer here.

5 responses to “Tam asks, I answer

  1. I don’t think there is so much overlap, but yeah.

  2. Jennifer: That was my way of trying to minimize the number of women who’ve been raped. Call it wishful thinking on my part.

  3. I think the diagram Tam was asking for would have the women who’ve been raped by a family member in the overlap. Size that how you want.

  4. McThag: I disagree. My reasoning goes like this. There are two subsets.

    People who say that rape is generally not a stranger attack thing. It’s more commonly a known person.


    People who say that you shouldn’t own guns because you’ll only shoot your family members or people you know.

    Let’s consider the case of women who’ve been raped by members of their family or people they know. A. They would agree with statement 1. B. they would not agree with statement 2. They would say “Sometimes the person you NEED to shoot is a family member or a person you know that’s trying to rape you.

  5. I think the yellow background seared my retinas.