Sean’s Pandora Music

A few bloggers made a list of the most popular songs on their iPod in the last month. Robb Allen’s list was my favorite. He, like me, doesn’t have an iPod, and doesn’t really buy music. So rather than try to remember what my favorite songs are, here’s the list of “Thumbed Up” songs on my Pandora Radio station.

Title Artist
Catharsis [Heal Me, Control Me]  by [:Sitd:]
Rot V1.0  by [:Sitd:]
Apes From Space  by Aaren San
Apes From Space (Phatso Brown Remix)  by Aaren San
Black Hole Invaders (Phatso Brown Remix)  by Aaren San
Airship Pirate  by Abney Park
Love  by Abney Park
The Wrong Side  by Abney Park
Living The Wasted Life  by Aesthetic Perfection
Spit It Out  by Aesthetic Perfection
The Siren  by Aesthetic Perfection
B**ch  by Apoptygma Berzerk
Ground  by Assemblage 23
I Am The Rain  by Assemblage 23
Agenda Station  by Attrition
Scenario  by Attrition
Levels  by Avicii
Levels (Cazzette’s NYC Mode Mix)  by Avicii
Levels (Skrillex Remix)  by Avicii
Timestretch (West Coast Lo Fi Remix)  by Bassnectar
In My Head  by BOOTIK & Silvertongue
Cry Little Sister  by Carfax Abbey
All Pain Is Gone  by Combichrist
Are You Connected  by Combichrist
Get Your Body Beat  by Combichrist
Get Your Body Beat (Remix By Kmfdm)  by Combichrist
Happy Fcuking Birthday  by Combichrist
Products (Life Composer Version)  by Combichrist
The Kill  by Combichrist
Sandstorm  by Darude
Uterus  by Das Ich
Tomorrow Can Wait (Tocadisco Evil Mix)  by David Guetta & Chris Willis
Arguru  by Deadmau5
Arguru (Original Mix)  by Deadmau5
Ghosts N Stuff  by Deadmau5
Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff (Nero Remix)  by Deadmau5
Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff (Sub Focus Remix)  by Deadmau5
Moar Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff (Part 2)  by Deadmau5
Some Chords  by Deadmau5
The 16th Hour  by Deadmau5
You Are A Tourist (The 2 Bears Remix)  by Death Cab For Cutie
Chaos Theory  by Die Form
Zdarlight  by Digitalism
Gold Dust (Flux Pavilion Remix)  by DJ Fresh (UK)
Big Boss  by Doctor P
Vater Unser  by E Nomine
Schwarzfahrer  by Einzeller
Fanatica  by Eisbrecher
Herz Steht Still  by Eisbrecher
Lights (Bassnectar Remix)  by Ellie Goulding
Kickstarts (Bar 9 Remix)  by Example
Winter Night  by Eyes Of Eden
Watch Out  by Ferry Corsten
Bass Cannon  by Flux Pavilion
Got 2 Know  by Flux Pavilion
Hold Me Close  by Flux Pavilion
Headhunter  by Front 242
Headhunter V3.0  by Front 242
Beneath The Rubble  by Front Line Assembly
Fragmented  by Front Line Assembly
Outcast  by Front Line Assembly
Rock Paper Scissors  by Fukkk Offf
Arising Hero (Club Mix)  by Funker Vogt
Arising Hero (Rotersand Rework)  by Funker Vogt
Gunman  by Funker Vogt
Maschine Zeit  by Funker Vogt
Inside Out  by God Module
Let’s Go Dark  by God Module
The Source  by God Module
Undone  by God Module
Construct Constriction  by Grendel
Dirty  by Grendel
Harsh Generation  by Grendel
Hate This  by Grendel
New Flesh  by Grendel
The Judged Ones  by Grendel
House Is Falling Down  by Hadouken!
Moerder  by Heimataerde
Get Well  by Icon For Hire
Shelter  by Icon Of Coil
Arrogance  by Imperative Reaction
As We Fall  by Imperative Reaction
Drown  by Imperative Reaction
Fallout  by Imperative Reaction
Giving Up  by Imperative Reaction
Hype  by Imperative Reaction
Judas  by Imperative Reaction
Minus All  by Imperative Reaction
Only In My Mind  by Imperative Reaction
Product  by Imperative Reaction
Redemption  by Imperative Reaction
Severed  by Imperative Reaction
Side Effect  by Imperative Reaction
Siphon  by Imperative Reaction
Surface  by Imperative Reaction
The Signal  by Imperative Reaction
Time Doesn’t Care  by Imperative Reaction
Torn Down  by Imperative Reaction
Torture  by Imperative Reaction
What Is Left To Say  by Imperative Reaction
Annie, Would I Lie To You (Children Within Bunker Mix)  by Iris
Hell’s Coming With Me  by Iris
Move For Me (Extended Instrumental)  by Kaskade & Deadmau5
Devoted  by Lacuna Coil
Fragile  by Lacuna Coil
I’m Not Afraid  by Lacuna Coil
Our Truth  by Lacuna Coil
Survive  by Lacuna Coil
Unspoken  by Lacuna Coil
Call It Cutting  by Method Cell
Echo Chamber  by Negative Format
Focus  by Negative Format
Promises  by Nero
Water  by Ohgr
Unison  by Porter Robinson
Miami To Atlanta  by Pryda
Condemnation  by Pti
Data Bass  by Pti
Bomb  by Retrosic
Desperate Youth  by Retrosic
Revolution  by Retrosic
Unleash Hell  by Retrosic
Hold On (Sub Focus Remix)  by Rusko
Hold On Feat. Amber Coffman (Sub Focus Remix)  by Rusko
Cry For You (Radio Mix)  by September
Awake And Alive  by Skillet
First Of The Year (Equinox)  by Skrillex
Kill Everybody  by Skrillex
Just Let Go (Thin White Duke Remix) (feat. Fischerspooner)  by Soulwax
Love Is Complicated  by State Of The Union
Night Riders  by Stromkern
Terrorist  by Stromkern
Conspiracy With The Devil  by Suicide Commando
Dein Herz, Meine Gier (Short Club V1.0)  by Suicide Commando
Face Of Death (Blind Rage Mix)  by Suicide Commando
Hellraiser (Agonoize Remix)  by Suicide Commando
Hellraiser (Psychopath 01)  by Suicide Commando
Menschenfresser (Grendel Remix)  by Suicide Commando
Torment Me  by Suicide Commando
We Are The Sinners  by Suicide Commando
2 Times  by Sun Is Up
One  by Swedish House Mafia
Save The World (Knife Party Remix)  by Swedish House Mafia
Give It Up For Me  by Sydney Blu
Helium  by Syrian
Broken Fingers  by System Syn
I Am Here  by System Syn
Like Every Insect  by System Syn
Open Wrists  by System Syn
Skeleton Of A Heart, The  by System Syn
4 Steps To Dysfunction  by Tactical Sekt
Dark Sky  by Tactical Sekt
Looking Glass  by The Birthday Massacre
Science  by The Birthday Massacre
Shiver  by The Birthday Massacre
Walking With Strangers  by The Birthday Massacre
Immortal  by The Cruxshadows
Fall Awake (Random Access Memory)  by The Echoing Green
Fortune Days  by The Glitch Mob
Girls’ Night Out  by The Knife
Invaders Must Die  by The Prodigy (Dance)
Omen (Instrumental)  by The Prodigy (Dance)
Haunted  by The Strand
Tiga  by Tobias Tinker
Dial8  by Velvet Acid Christ
Electronaut  by VNV Nation
Epicentre  by VNV Nation
Genesis  by VNV Nation
Nemesis  by VNV Nation
Perpetual  by VNV Nation
12 Steps To Relapse  by VTG
Dorian Gray  by William Control
Our Solemn Hour  by Within Temptation
Illmerica  by Wolfgang Gartner
Illmerica (Extended Mix)  by Wolfgang Gartner
Adonai, My Lord (Yendri Club Mix)  by Wumpscut
Loyal To My Hate  by Wumpscut
Praise Your Fears  by Wumpscut
The Beast Sleeps Within You  by Wumpscut
We Believe, We Believe  by Wumpscut
Standpipe Valve  by Zircon
Creepy Crawler  by Zombie Girl

 I was surprised that the list of songs was so long, but I add a few every day. I must really like Imperative Reaction.


6 responses to “Sean’s Pandora Music

  1. Oh my God, you’re a goth.

    This isn’t a bad thing. I am just surprised.

  2. Since when to Goths listen to industrial dance music? Aren’t they supposed to stick to Sisters of Mercy and Joy Division?

  3. I’d make a comment but I don’t recognize any of those groups. At least when JayG posted on Southern Rock I knew the groups….

  4. Try typing the names in to YouTube. If you dare!

  5. The Abney Park stuff was added after listening to Michael Bane, right?

  6. Neil: yes, but not the way you mean. I have friends who do Steampunk, and I had originally intended this to be a steampunk channel. Abney Park played on my previous channel, though I’m pretty sure they showed up all on their own. I remember the Michael Bane episode, but that was during the time I was listening to another channel.

    Sadly there is no consensus on what “Steampunk Music” really is. The problem with trying to build a radio station around a list of Steampunk bands is that there really is no common factor. Steampunk is a visual esthetic, not a musical one. I got a lot of random crap on the new channel as a result.

    Once the Steampunk channel crashed and burned, I ended up deleting all of the Steampunk bands except AP and adding all the industrial dance ones from my previous channel. I think the reboot of this channel was AP, Wumpscut, and Imperative Reaction.

    So yes, AP was added after Michael Bane’s podcast, but only in the sense that the entire channel was started after Michale Bane’s podcast.