My new sap has arrived!

I posted a while ago about leather saps as defensive tools and Raymond’s handmade leather saps. In that post I said that Raymond was working on a version of the four-ply Junior sap, but with lead shot instead of a solid head. He came through for me.

The photo above is of a Boston Leathers “Junior” sap, as well as a clone that I worked up for Sean. It was tricky, as it took more layers and hardware than I usually use, but the end result came out pretty solid. If I can streamline the process, I’ll be doing more of this style in the future, but in the meantime, I’m focusing on the basic 8″ design that I get the most requests for

It looks cool

The sap on the left is a genuine Boston Leather Four-Ply Junior. The one on the right is my lead shot version. It doesn’t have the spring shank or the cast lead head, so I think it will be a bit less brutal, but still effective. I also like the fact it was handmade just for me.

Raymond has plenty of styles, so check him out. And remember, even if you can’t own a sap in your state, Raymond can make you a leather and lead shot fish billy. Or a tire pressure checker. Or even a book weight. You can contact him directly at

r.desmarais – at – netzero – dot – net

6 responses to “My new sap has arrived!

  1. It’s been a long time now but back before criminals had more rights than we did I had a pair of gloves with about an half pound of shot sewn into the back, between the wrist joint and the knuckles. Gave me one hell of a backhand and added weight to a punch while the glove protected my knuckles. Worked better than an ordinary sap, right up until some idiot decided it was some kind of cruel and unusual punishment and they made me riot a riot stick instead. Not long after that I had 22 years in and a pension so I told them they could let the effin’ lawyers drive the county cruisers on the night shift.

    If I had it to do over again I would have worked on a trash truck. At least I wouldn’t have had to fight with that garbage to get it into the truck.

  2. I still have my issue one from 1989. Haven’t been “authorised” to carry for almost 20 years. Now you’ve forced me to go look for it!

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  4. Grand Dad’s sap was left to Grandma. It was stolen from her ’68 Cutlass SS along with a bottle of Canadian Mist. Damn! I miss Grandma.

    My old unit phased out 1) night sticks 2) Mag-lites.
    Gotta get one of those saps. Off to check local regs.

  5. Definately check out Raymond’s saps. He’ll be happy to make what you want.
    Plus, he’s a nice guy, so your money will be going to a friend.

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