Ammo suggestions requested

I’m going hunting for the second time on Saturday. There was the previous “hunting” trip, which mostly consisted of sitting in the middle of my friend’s field while all the deer laughed at me, but this time I will have a hunter friend help me out.

I’m taking my ultra dangerous sniper rifle that Japete freaked out about. It’s a Remington Model 700 in .243 Winchester. I’ve had it since I was 15, so it really needs to be the rifle I use to get my first deer. If I get a deer with it, the rifle is going back to my father’s house where he can use it to cut down the population of woodchucks. I should have my new AR-15 from Templar by Thanksgiving to replace it.

Now an AR is primarily a fighting rifle, but I don’t see any reason I can’t use it to hunt deer. With the new bullets they have nowadays, why not? Who has some suggestions for factory loaded ammo that’s acceptable for deer hunting? I suspect that Army surplus “green tip” ammo isn’t going to cut it. The rifle will have a 16″ barrel and probably a 1 in 9 twist.

5 responses to “Ammo suggestions requested

  1. You should be able to find hollow point or soft point ammo for that rifle. I know that Wolf makes it, but some people don’t like using steel cased ammo in an AR-15. I haven’t had any issues with it-works fine every time.

  2. akaangrywhiteman

    Black Hills makes some good 55 grain soft point ammo for the .223, very reliable, reasonably priced. From looking at the bullet I would guess they (the bullets) are designed by Hornady.
    Federal Premium has the the proven 60 grain Nosler Partition loaded in the .223, a very effective round.

    With the .223 round shot placement is paramount, but they are extremely lethal on deer size game.


  3. Be sure to check the laws on caliber. Some states, like Iowa have a minimum caliber for deer. Here it’s a minimum of 24 caliber.

  4. Robert: NC allows .223 for deer.

  5. Pretty much any brand name bonded core soft point. I’d lean towards heavier bullets, but anything from 50-70gr should work fine.