Michelle Dockery Monday: Michelle is available!

I haven’t pried to deeply into Michelle Dockery’s personal life. The only time I heard anything about her love life she was living with an architect in London and she kept him out of the public eye. Sounded cool to me.

Well I apparently missed the memo about that relationship being over. She started dating someone else and now that’s over too.

Michelle began dating Joseph after her three year relationship with Trent Davis ended.

A source added to the newspaper: ‘Michelle was really sad when it didn’t work out with Trent. She really believed the relationship would go the distance and thought there was a chance they would get married. But it wasn’t to be.

‘All of her friends were shocked when she and Trent split. She starting dating Joseph, but called it off after a few months. She wasn’t ready for a new relationship.’

Well that sucks, Michelle. If you need a place to crash while you sort your love life out, that offer of a guest bedroom is still open.

PS. Michelle, your publicist sucks. I’m still not receiving any promotional photos of you. I’m not going to steal copyrighted photos from other websites and post them. That’s just a douche move. If your publicist is willing to make sure that your failed relationship ends up in the major tabloids, at least get me some photos to post.

There are two things about you that are your big draw. One, obviously, is that you are very attractive. Second, your voice. Neither one works well in print so have your publicist send some photos. Better yet, come visit. We can make a video of me teaching you how to shoot. Proper firearms training would be very valuable in your future movie career.

2 responses to “Michelle Dockery Monday: Michelle is available!

  1. LOL, you’re getting as bad as MSgt B… 🙂 Pretty lady though!

  2. So you have a chance then…

    Good luck! 😀